28 thoughts on “Health care reform is APALLING!

  1. WPRI had a post with a video from Reason, claiming HCR would stunt innovation in medical technology. Starred a guy who had cancer, and credits a drug still in the testing stage with saving his life.

    It didn’t say what kind of insurance the guy had.

    Link here

    Liberals interviewed weren’t exactly top notch in the intellect dept either.

    1. Jim, are you shocked that WPRI didn’t try to find liberals of a higher quality?

      After all, they wouldn’t want to find folks who’s be able to effective refute their points.

      1. I think Reason mag made the video. I’ve enjoyed reading some of it in the past so I’m a little disappointed they used some stereotypical San Francisco liberals. I hold Reason in higher regard than WPRI. Or maybe I did. The video was really condescending.

  2. So appalling why even bother voting on it. Let’s just say it passed. That’s just as good.

      1. You do love to put words in peoples mouths don’t you? Actually I think the current proposal(s) are rubbish and should just be dropped. But at least an up or down vote is better than just having it deemed passed, when it’s not. What, are they out of bribery money? If it’s such a good proposal it should pass on its own without all of these gimmicks don’t you think?

        Heck, if they are just going to deem it passed when it’s not, Obama should have just decreed it so a year ago. Who needs the pesky legislature. Yeah, you were right all along, comparing these people to commies and socialists was way over the top. Too bad they act like it oh so often.

        For 8 years the liberals were whining about Constitutionality. Well at least they voted on stuff back then. Where are those same people standing up for the Constitution now? Where’s Russ Feingold denouncing even the suggestion by Pelosi about doing this? Outrageous. And pathetic.

  3. Do you have a citation for that other than the commercial now airing that has been paid for by the health insurance industry?

    Nevertheless Mr. Freedom lover, the insurance company is what stands between many of us and availability of treatment. Some of us get it and some of us don’t. Those that don’t either go broke, die, or both. Cruel.

    You endorse that?

    1. Edit that sentence so that you take out “insurance company” and replace it with “government” if your beloved “reform” bill passes.

      “{Government} is what stands between many of us and availability of treatment. Some of us get it and some of us don’t. Those that don’t either go broke, die, or both. Cruel.”

      And you endorse THAT?

    1. Then should Republicans quit calling the bill a takeover of one-sixth of the economy?

      Considering there is no takeover period I shouldn’t even have to ask this.

    1. A. So the one-sixth figure is nothing but a GOP lie? Used to scare the public to promote their anti-government ideology (except if we’re talking gays or abortion, of course)?
      B. Where is the takeover? No single payer, no public option…I don’t see it.

      1. Joe Biden, yesterday: “You know we’re going to control the insurance companies.”

        Yes Jim, clearly we are offbase by calling this a takeover.

        1. Joe Biden says a lot of things, he’s our Bush except he’s not in charge.
          And the insurance companies need someone exercising control over them. So they can’t drop you when you get sick, etc etc.

        2. Every family has a crazy aunt or uncle, and the Democratic family is no different. Joe Biden is our “crazy uncle.”

          1. Wow guys, nice cop out. You promote a guy to VP and then say that everything he says should be discounted because he’s nuts. Didn’t you say back in 2008 that it was far too dangerous to elect Palin to the very same “crazy aunt” position? If he’s a crazy uncle, isn’t it far too dangerous to have him a heartbeat away from the presidency?

            And Jim, first you say it’s not a takeover. Then when I call you out on it using the Democratic Vice President’s own words, you say that yes in fact it is a takeover because it is necessary. Well, which is it?

            You guys are too much. And you are the ones running around calling people hypocrites.

            And now this: “Medicare fix would push health care into the red” (http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Medicare-fix-would-push-apf-2700343586.html?x=0&.v=2) Those are CBO numbers. The very same numbers Dems have been citing all these months that will supposedly “SAVE” us all this money. Some joke.

            1. Well, Zach took care of the Biden point.
              And I didn’t say the insurance companies needed to be taken over, I said; “And the insurance companies need someone exercising control over them. So they can’t drop you when you get sick, etc etc.”

              Regulation does not equal takeover.

          2. No, my argument was that Sarah Palin was too dangerous to elect because she was too unqualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. Biden may have foot-in-mouthitis, but that’s different than being unqualified.

    1. Illustrating the GOP wants a hands-off government except when it wants a hands-on government, such as hands-on excluding rights for gay people. But now, do you have an answer to my original questions?

  4. Well, I won’t get into a gay rights debate with you seeing that it has nothing to do with the health care debate.

    Answering your question, the health care industry is one-sixth of the U.S. economy. By installing a public option, government would effectively open the door to universal health care – meaning much more than just insurance coverage. Although the profit margin wouldn’t exceed 6% necessarily, premiums would increase, taxes would increase, medical facilities would need to expand minimum staffing requirements to accommodate increased traffic flow, and one-sixth of the economy might grow to something like one-fifth of the economy and so forth. Also, keep in mind that government already assumes a big cost in the health care industry by operating Medicaid and Medicare – two programs that are massive in scope and expense.

  5. Again, I was just using gay rights as an example of Republican hypocrisy. Get it?


    1. Even if there is no “public option,” government mandating, super-regulating, tinkering… whatever you want to call it — meddling that much in 1/6 of the economy amounts to a takeover. Besides, single-payer is the ultimate goal anyway right? So be honest about it up front. I’m just glad my rates are going to go down 3000%! (or didn’t you catch that little nugget?)

      P.S. to Jim: abortion is no more hands-on goverment than ending slavery or civil rights. How dare you use defending rights for those that can’t speak for themselves as an example of “big government.”

      1. Big difference between how the government treats an entire race of people and the self determination of one person and their body.

        1. Really, I’m thinking not so much difference. But whatever helps you sleep at night.

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