Milwaukee County Board votes against cutting pensions for elected officials

I smell a few recalls coming:

A proposal to cut pensions of elected Milwaukee County officials to match the same trim approved for other county workers was defeated Thursday by the County Board on a 7-7 vote.

The measure came up only after a substitute calling for a study of the county joining the state pension system also failed on a tie vote.

Voting in favor of imposing a 20% cut on future pension credit on supervisors, County Executive Scott Walker and a handful of other elected county officials were: supervisors Mark Borkowski, Paul Cesarz, Christopher Larson, Joseph Rice, Joe Sanfelippo, Jim “Luigi” Schmitt and Peggy West.

Voting against the pension cut were supervisors Marina Dimitrijevic, Willie Johnson Jr., Theo Lipscomb, Michael Mayo Sr., Johnny Thomas, John Weishan Jr. and Lee Holloway.

Kudos to those supervisors who voted in favor of the cut, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see some recall attempts against those supervisors who voted against the cut. Noticeable in their absences from the vote were supervisors Gerry Broderick, Patricia Jursik, Elizabeth Coggs and Lynne De Bruin. Broderick has indicated he was absent due to recent knee surgery, but the other three supervisors did not indicate why they weren’t present. I’ve emailed Supervisor Jursik to find out why she was absent from such an important vote, and I’ll update you on her response.


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  1. I like Supv. Jursik but I would still like to know why she wasn’t there…so I’ll be watching for your update. Thanks.

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