Anti-Gay Homophobe Rev. George Rekers Caught with Rentboy “Julien”

For those of you not following it, we have yet another case of right wing religious hypocrisy a.l.a. Ted Haggard, Larry Craig or countless other “anti-gay” redeemers who have made one of their life missions to attack the very thing they deny in themselves, that they are gay or at least love male sex. 61 year old family man and Reverend George Rekers who co-founded the Family Research Council with James Dobson, espouses gay conversion therapy as a board member of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuals (NARTH) and is a regular consultant to anti-gay initiatives around the country; was revealed to have hired an escort for a ten day trip to Europe. The escort, “Julien” or Jo-vanni Roman was hired at and says that Rekers asked for the performance of the “long stroke” according to the New Times and reported in the Huffington Post. Rekers initially claimed to have hired the “rentboy” for help in handling his luggage and later changed his story to say he had hired him as part of his mission and outreach work.  The Colbert Report does a masterful job of explaining the baggage handling that Julien was doing throughout the trip.

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7 thoughts on “Anti-Gay Homophobe Rev. George Rekers Caught with Rentboy “Julien”

  1. I wonder what it must be like to have natural attractions and feel guilty for them your whole life, looking to oppress other people just like you who have the courage to live their lives despite the rampant misinformation and brainwashing.

    I believe in being nice, and I don’t justify feeling good about the suffering of others. This guy definitely had this coming, but I can’t help but feel sorry for him. To be brainwashed to the point of helping lead an organization that is devoted to attacking the freedom and equality of people like yourself, and then slip up and cave in to the desires in the end anyway, is outright tragic.

    I wonder how many frantic homophobes are bisexuals or homosexuals terrified of their supposedly unnatural attractions. Most of them are heterosexual I’m sure, but it’s an interesting thought.

    I hope that when I’m old, people will look back at these anti-freedom organizations as we now look back at the segregationists. I doubt the civil rights battle will go away by the time we’re gone, but hopefully it will be mostly won.

    1. The leaders of civil rights battles make sure the battle is never won or they would cease to be irrelevant. Just ask Jesse Jackson. In the same way that union leaders have to instill a sense of “raw deal” mentality to their membership and have to bring home a new benefit every contract year or they wouldn’t be kept around. It’s kind of an aside to this post, but since you brought it up.

      1. What? You’re saying the civil rights struggle in this country is over? That all citizens, regardless of race, religious or sexual preference can live their lives in a system that is free from prejudice against them?

        Jesse Jackson must have missed the memo.

      2. Hogwash! You think gays and lesbians want to keep fighting for their rights to marriage, to be in the military, to non-discrimination in employment, to equal federal benefits, etc. as part of some ongoing struggle to keep the “leaders of the movement having a cause? This is ludicrous, if the rights came they would still have work to do dealing with the neandrathals that would still deny them these legal rights.

      3. Yes, clearly people that want equality are just looking for attention. Your logic really makes so much sense. They should just put up with being treated like second class citizens or worse. (It doesn’t.)

        Take one look at what that monster of a Rhode Island governor tried to do recently with his veto power for a taste of the outright evil people have to put up with. His excuse for “protecting” marriage was treating the bodies of dead loved ones as unclaimed if they weren’t heterosexual.

        It’s not a pretty world for people where in some places lots of people ARE out to get them. I wonder how many malicious lunatics smiled when RI’s governor did that veto, until decent people overrode the veto.

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