Sen. Lieberman supports stripping Americans of citizenship without due process

I’m no Constitutional scholar, but if Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner and Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein agree that legislation probably won’t stand up to scrutiny regarding its Constitutionality, then it’s probably not Constitutional. Listen and watch as Rachel Maddow breaks down what a bad idea Joe Lieberman’s push to strip Americans accused of affiliating with terrorist groups of their citizenship without due process really is:

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8 thoughts on “Sen. Lieberman supports stripping Americans of citizenship without due process

  1. Even Tailgunner Joe knows his bill won’t even make it to committee. But boy, he sure looks tough on terrorism, doesn’t he? And terrorism isn’t a crime of course. Terrorism is an act so much more heinous that it doesn’t even rise to the level of crime. You won’t find the word terrorism in the Constitution, so why should it protect you if you’re accused of it? So, when I accuse you of being a terrorist, you should be immediately hauled off to Gitmo, not “mirandized”, and tortured until you confess. Yep, that’s Joe’s “War on Terrorism (TM)”.

    1. The fact that both Democrats and Republicans think this is a bad idea speaks volumes about just how bad an idea it really is.

  2. How exactly do these people make the “logical” jump from protecting our country to tearing down the whole concept of a justice system? Have people not learned from the horrors of McCarthyism?

    1. b, I’m not exactly sure how Sen. Lieberman and Sen. Brown made the jump to taking away citizenship without due process, but it’s troubling that they think it’s a good idea.

  3. Just a friendly reminder – if you folks had had your way, he’d have been VP up until last January. 🙂

      1. So was he always so kooky & just kept it better hidden or has he changed? Though I agree with him from time to time, he sure has been entertaining. From VP nominee to having to run and lose in a primary as a sitting Senator to running and winning as an independent. Pure comedy gold. Especially for some one who really doesn’t like either party.

        Though in fairness, Lieberman’s story is not that unique. Losing VP candidates form quite a group of entertaining characters.

        1. Yeah, the list of losing VP candidates is a cast of characters, but I’d add that the list of sitting VP’s was a cast of characters as well. After all, we’ve had Dick “birdshot to the face” Cheney to John Nance Garner, who opined that the office of VP wasn’t worth “a warm bucket of piss.”

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