12 thoughts on “Glenn Beck’s one classy guy!

  1. So it’s okay for Obama to use his daughter to try to earn sympathy and gain political points but then no one is allowed to be critical of that? If he’s going to put that out there in the public, it’s fair game to parody and mock it. If he demands absolute privacy and hands off by the media, then he needs to keep up his end of that agreement.

    Tell me what was the point of Obama sharing that story at the end of the press conference anyway?

  2. So he shared a story and justified his daughter up to being mocked by Glenn Beck?

    Gotcha….remind me never to share anything about my kids on here, lest they be subjected to ridicule and mocking.

    1. Two very different things and you know it. It’s not like he was sitting down with Barbara Walters or something and sharing a warm fuzzy family story around the holidays or something. He tagged off a serious press conference about an oil spill with “Daddy, did you plug the hole” merely as some weird way to indicate that he is in charge of things… Daddy did *YOU* plug the hole? It was an oportunistic way to relate that to the public. There was really no other reason to share that stupid line, if his daughter even said it. The story really has nothing to do with his daughter.

      1. You’re really reaching here. If this had been a Republican president I’d be condemning Beck all the same. He mentioned something his daughter said, and then that horrible man chose to attack his daughters. It’s not like Beck hasn’t shown his true colors numerous times anyway though, so this doesn’t surprise me.

        1. By your logic, that internet troll who called my son a retard was justified, since I’ve mentioned my son and his autism on this blog.

          1. No it’s not the same at all. However, if you used something your son said or did in the context of making an argument in a public forum, others are allowed to be critical of that. With Obama, he was not innocently telling a story about his daughter, he was using her statement to make his point that he was in control of the situation. Not everyone is just going to say “aww that’s cute” when it’s part of a political debate. You can’t use your kids to shield your statements. He put it out there so it’s fair game.

            1. And of course there is the little issue of Mr. Beck saying just a week or two before his performance that the children of politicians should be kept out of these discussions…I believe he was commiserating with Ms. Palin at the time.

              1. When Ms. Palin says in a speech that Piper told her to “Drill, mommy, drill” then it’s fair game.

  3. Zach, other than post where you kind of agreed with Palin and the attacks on her son Trig on 1 occassion,you have been pretty silent, which is very surprising since your son has autism. Actually, it is quite shameful. If anything, you should be able to relate to Palin and all the attacks on Trig but you just do one half hearted blog about it. Get off you high horse and be a man and start defending people with disabilities instead of playing political games.

    1. Heh…thanks for telling me what I should write about and insulting my manhood in the process; that’s quite a twofer.

      I spend enough time advocating for and standing up for my son in my day to day life, so I don’t need to be lectured by someone like you about what I should or shouldn’t be writing about on my blog. If you ever have a child with special needs you’ll understand what I mean.

      Have a great day.

  4. Sure, Zach, put politics ahead of children with disabilities. Pathetic. Maybe you just don’t understand that a child with a disability is still a child with a disability no matter who the parent is. I am not asking you stand up for your kid and I am sure you do a great job doing that and doing a great job raising him. I also understand the difficulty you have. What I wonder is why you don’t have the same feelings for a child with disabilities that is born to a conservative woman?

    1. Dan, I didn’t realize I had to use this blog to serve as a defender of all children with special needs, whether mine, Sarah Palin’s, or someone else’s.

      As for your last statement about how I feel about a child with disabilities born to a conservative woman, I’ll just say that you can’t even presume to know how I feel, since you haven’t bothered to ask. Instead of asking, you’ve been passing judgment, as if you’re in a position to judge. You mentioned in your earlier comment about me being on a “high horse,” which is ironic, given that you’re the one passing judgment as if you’re high and mighty.

      As far as I’m concerned, I’m done with you.

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