Will Neumann go the independent route?

If he loses the Republican gubernatorial, will Mark Neumann run as an independent?

Throughout his gubernatorial campaign, Neumann has tried really hard to position himself as the anti-establishment candidate, no doubt an astute strategy given the fact that this year’s anti-incumbent mood among voters, but there’s been speculation Neumann would consider a gubernatorial run as an independent if he doesn’t win the Republican nomination. As James Rowen noted over at The Political Environment, a Neumann run as an independent would definitely give Tom Barrett an advantage in the general election, and I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing a Barrett-Walker-Neumann gubernatorial general election.

Appearing on Chuck Sykes’ radio show, Neumann said he won’t run as an independent if he loses the Republican gubernatorial primary, but Neumann wouldn’t be the first candidate for governor (see Christ, Charlie) to go back on that kind of promise, so it will be interesting to see if Neumann is a man of his word.


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2 thoughts on “Will Neumann go the independent route?

  1. Not an option. Everyone needs to file in July and declare their party or independent status. There is no post-primary choice unless he wanted to run a write-in campaign.

  2. Xoff is actually correct, but you won’t catch me admitting that too often 😉
    to add to that, Mark Neumann at convention said that on September 14th he will endorse the Republican candidate if it is not him

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