Robin Vos is an Ass

and Neil Heinen is a fool!

I know I have called Robin Vos a Hingst before, but he perpetually becomes more and more of an ass everyday! It has nothing to do with the fact that he is also an unethical slumlord either. This does not even relate to the fact that Robin Vos is ALEC's main towel boy in Wisconsin. Nope Robin Vos is an ass because that is who he is. He was the guy who got swirlies in high school, and then vowed to get even. Vos was the guy who kissed enough butt of the power people until they let him have a little power also. The the 1 3/4 times divorced, family values man has outdone himself.

Let’s take a look. Robin Vos ended the legislative session around the end of March(PS: to all of you conervatives, he is still getting paid his full salary despite the fact he will now not show up to work until sometime this fall). Once the session was over, Vos spoke up and said and "said he wanted to do the peopls business, without making them look like a circus" Vos even sounded so sincere that local channel 3 news editorial director, Neil Heinen actually believed him:

It remains to be seen if Republican State Representative Robin Vos can actually do something to keep the State Assembly from looking like a “circus” – his words, and ours, – but we give him all the credit in the world for acknowledging the problem. If there’s anyone who can do it, he can.

It has been a circus. And it’s not funny. The marathon sessions, the bloated rhetoric and the disrespect for fellow members has been a disservice to the institution. And of course it’s just a slap in the face to the citizens who put them there. The pandering to money and ideology is bad enough. The harm being done to Wisconsin’s image, reputation and competitiveness is inexcusable. And the loss of citizen trust is a travesty.

We believe Representative Vos is serious and we wish him luck and success. We respect his desire to be a true leader and not just a ringmaster.

Silly Neil……

Robin Vos, recently showed that the label republican “leader” badly mislabeled him. Vos showed that not only is he the furthest thing from a leader, but also that he has no interest whatsoever in ending the “circus”. Vos Vos recently made national news by being a complete tool who hates the democratic process.

At least two top Republican legislators in the state are now urging GOP voters to cast ballots for fake Democratic candidates in upcoming primary contests, hoping that their own party will benefit in the general election.

“We are encouraging Republicans to vote in the Democratic primaries,” state Rep. Robin Vos (R-Rochester), who is expected to serve as speaker of the Assembly next year, told the Associated Press.

So he hopes to be ringmaster yet completely dismisses the democratic process and the sanctity of our elections. Lucky for him they have been able to draw themselves some safe districts because would any informed electorate ever actually vote for him? Nope did not think so…..

Here is his contact information so you can let him know that messing with our elections is not OK.

Madison Office
Room 309 EastState
Capitol P.O. Box 8953
Madison, WI 53708

Voting Address
960 Rock Ridge Road
Burlington, WI 53105

(608) 266-9171

District Office:
(888) 534-0063
(262) 514-2597
(608) 282-3663!/repvos


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4 thoughts on “Robin Vos is an Ass

  1. That is such a waste of time to vote for fake candidates. They really need to be voting for the worse of the 4 democrats, and that is why I am encouraging everyone I know to vote FALK. The bigger the loss in June the better the message that will be sent to the unions.

  2. Dante, whats the difference, what they want to do is unethical either way. Are you worried walker won’t get re-elected that you have to cheat?

  3. Every time I see Neil Heinen’s bloated face and bald head pop up on my TV I reach for the remote control. I’ve gotten so fast I’m usually able to switch him off as the first inane syllable leaves his lips. It’s my version of an action video game.

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