A couple of endorsement-related notes

Just a couple of endorsement-related tidbits that caught my eye:

  • Milwaukee County Supervisor Chris Larson, who’s running to unseat fellow Democrat Jeff Plale in 7th Wisconsin Senate District, received another endorsement of his candidacy by a fellow County Supervisor, with County Supervisor Gerry Broderick endorsing Larson’s candidacy. Broderick’s district includes the east side of Milwaukee, as well as Shorewood and large portions of downtown, all of which are in the 7th Senate District. Supervisor Broderick issued a statement on his endorsement of Larson:

    “Chris Larson would be a wonderful Senator to represent my constituents and the 7th Wisconsin Senate District,” said Broderick. “He’ll fight hard for progressive values. This primary should be about who is the Democrat for the job, and for many years I’ve felt we’ve had no voice in Madison. Chris has heart and his votes will reflect the views of Milwaukee County residents once he wins in September. He’s pragmatic. He can find common sense solutions, and follows up with action.”

    As I’ve written before, it will be interesting to see if Larson gets any additional endorsements from Democratic elected officials in Milwaukee County, given the fact that there’s no doubt pressure on those elected officials to fall in line behind Sen. Plale as the Democratic Party’s preferred candidate in the 7th Senate District.

  • And in the Democratic race for the Lt. Governor job, State Sen. Spencer Coggs of Milwaukee announced he received the endorsement of WEAC, Wisconsin’s largest teachers union. Given the fact that Sen. Coggs has been active in opposition to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett’s proposal to assert mayoral control over the Milwaukee Public School system, this endorsement isn’t a surprise.

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