November 3, January 3….it’s all the same to Scott Walker!

“I am not even waiting until January 3rd, on November 3rd I am going to march over to the State Capitol and start taking over…” – Scott Walker, speaking to Moe Lane of Red State during an interview on Sunday.

The only problem with Scott Walker’s plan to take over state government starting on November 3, 2010? His term as governor wouldn’t actually start until January 3, 2011. I know Walker’s really really anxious to take over as governer, especially given the fact that he’s essentially been running for governor since his first failed gubernatorial campaign in 2006, but unless Walker’s planning a coup, he ought to keep in mind that there’s a pesky state constitution that he’s obligated to abide by – if he’s even elected governor (which seems unlikelier and unlikelier with each passing day).


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3 thoughts on “November 3, January 3….it’s all the same to Scott Walker!

  1. You know, you are posting some of the most nit-picky stuff about Scott Walker that has no bearing on his ability to govern(e.g. he lives in a 300k house). Why don’t you start posting on what your hero Tom Barrett is going to differently than what Jim Doyle and his team of buffoons have done to this state over the past 8 years.

    1. The fact that Walker doesn’t seem to think he needs to adhere to our state’s constitution is more than “nit-picky stuff.” After all, our state constitution is the foundation of our state’s government.

      1. No, it is nit-picky. He wants to get involved in the budget process right away which is presented in February. There is nothing wrong with getting ahead of the game. People in the private sector get pay raises and promotions for that kind of initiative. You, on the other hand, make it sound like Scott Walker wants to walk in the Capitol Building and drag Jim Doyle out by his ears on Nov. 3rd. and wipe his butt with the state Constitution in the process. Way to turn a mole hill into a mountain. Are you going to ask for Obama to be arrested for threatening to “kick ass?”

        I still want to know what Barrett is going to do that is different from the debacle that was Doyle’s administration.

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