Gwen Moore’s raising a lot of out of state money!

Rep. Gwen Moore
Moreso than any of her opponents, incumbent Democratic Rep. Gwen Moore raised a lot of money during the last reporting period (January to the end of June). For the period, Rep. Moore raised $458,115, while her closest opponent, Republican Dan Sebring, raised only $20,574. However, while Rep. Moore raised a lot of money to support her reelection campaign, what caught my eye is the breakdown of where Rep. Moore’s campaign donations came from. Of the $458,115 Rep. Moore raised, just about 69% of those donations ($314,677) were from political action committees (PACs).

What’s more, a look at the donations Rep. Moore received from political action committees shows that only $29,400 of the money donated by PACs came from those based in Milwaukee, meaning the vast majority of the money Rep. Moore received from political action committees – 91 percent, to be exact – came from outside the state (and outside Rep. Moore’s district). To put these numbers even further into perspective, Rep. Moore raised more money from political action committees located outside Wisconsin than she did from individual donors inside the Congressional District she represents in the House of Representatives.

The fact that Rep. Moore has raised more money from political action committees outside the district she represents than she has from her actual constituents is more than a little bothersome, at least to this constituent of Rep. Moore’s.


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4 thoughts on “Gwen Moore’s raising a lot of out of state money!

  1. Especially when some of the money comes from “I can affect and rule the world” George Soros!

  2. I personally do not see why this is troubling. This is exactly what the law allows.
    If Moore’s opponents certainly will do this if they can inspire enough confidence to garner such donations, and in order to do so, they will likely manipulate pol and financial data to get endorsements and seem “viable” etc.
    Moore will serve no purpose to her constituents/Party/causes if she plays “Choirboy” in the ThunderDome. In fact, if she doesn’t get with the program (while being careful not to cross any really disastrous moral lines) she will have wasted all of ehr and her supporters time.

    The real Question is- what is the nature of the PACs? Are they in line with Moore’s stated beliefs, campaign promises, and the Party platform? If she feels “beholden” to make good on these donations, will her behavior be what she would have done ANYWAY??!
    If yes, then in this current system that is going to be a “moral” way to navigate. PACS are troubling, but they’re here. An effective politician will have to learn how to use THEM, or if not – be used by them.
    and re: Huh?
    If Moore openly espouses the same values and ideas as Soros, and gets elected doing so, then they can dance naked together on a victory stage under a shower of his dollar bills.

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