unfortunately more on the “mosque”…

Recently there was huge discussion on this very blog, and joined in by many of our right wing friends decrying the horror of putting the Mosque up on Ground Zero. As usual, our right wing friends were not being truthful, and we find out that the Mosque isnt a Mosque, but a community center. Then we find out it isnt even at ground zero but a few blocks away, just like these \”sacred\” buildings.

The truth coming to light, did not make the right wing apologize or admit their error, they just changed the narrative. They changed it to how harmful the intentions of Imam Feisul Abdul Raif are. Predictably, shortly thereafter, the real truth comes out. The huge outcry of right wing talking heads, such as Karen Hughes and the insane Glen Beck, shows us how willing the right wing is to lie to gain political points.

Lets not also forget this gem, that the same Saudi prince who owns Fox “news”, also funds the

Ground Zero Mosque Imam.

Here it is explained point by point!



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7 thoughts on “unfortunately more on the “mosque”…

  1. If it’s only a community center, than the 1st amendment issue doesn’t really apply does it? Also, it’s a little curious to place a community center in the middle of a financial district rather than, say, an actual community. But that’s just me.

    As for your photos of businesses in the neighborhood, I wasn’t aware that a BBQ-loving Ronald McDonald slammed a plane into the towers with a stripper at his side. It’s a little telling that you find innocent commercial activty more objectionable than a mosque/center that some Islamic radicals might see as a sign of victory.

    I’m not sure why you find it a gem that a Saudi interest in NewsCorp conflicts with editorial opinion on FoxNews by some of its talk show hosts. Are you saying you DO want the network beholden to corporate interests? Because that’s the kind of thing you are usually complaining about, isn’t it? So the network shows journalistic freedom and yet you complain. You point out all of these supposed connections, yet do you even have a point here?

    1. It really becomes blatantly obvious that this is more about right wing prejudice than anything when it’s very hard for people opposing this center to avoid lumping all Muslims together with the hijackers. It’s sad really.

      Anyone who loves freedom should stand up against the racist or Christian supremacist movement going on right now.

      1. Wait, how is it racist? Or are you just so used to crying “racism” that you don’t bother thinking if there’s any meaning behind your accusation? I’m pretty sure anyone of any race can be a Muslim.

        It’s not about lumping all Muslims in with terrorists. But how can you not see that it might be even just a little inappropriate or insensitive? The terrorists were doing what they did in the name of Allah, even though it was in a perverted sense. If this particular Muslim group’s goal is to reach out for peace, why are they not looking at alternatives and extend an olive branch instead of insisting on the site and yelling “bigot” out on the street corner?

  2. The overall point of this is that it is a non-issue and just another example of fake outrage from the right!

    I wasnt aware that any of the muslims who are working on the community center, flew planes into buildings either. While no one at Mcd’s flew a plane, I would hardly consider McD’s “sacred”.

    The gem comes in, where is the outrage at the Saudi Prince who funds the Imam? they conveniently forget about him when they throw their sissy fits.

    By the way the network might show freedom, by ignoring the story they are showing no signs of journalism at all.

  3. Charles Manson was abused by psychotic Christian relatives, then proclaimed himself to be Jesus Christ “God of Fuck” before massacring a pile of people, causing a media firestorm and putting the US in a total panic that I would argue we have not gotten over even today. He ushered in the cultural concept of the Mass Murdering Celebrity, a trend that has gathered strength and as each year goes by the numbers of Columbines, Dahmers, McVeighs, and workplace shootings increase. The destructive impulses in the Manson-style acts and 911 are the same. Death to random innocents as a means to show personal passion for a cause or belief.

    YET since Christianity is the POPULAR (but not official) religion in the US where these things occur, Manson et al are perceived as aberrations THEMSELVES, and in fact it is accepted that their behavior is in no way representative of whatever Faith they claim to have. Just as we also today think it’s obvious that the propaganda of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (Nazi)did not speak the truth about the Jewish faith.

    The scariest thing about this “mosque issue” is that it proves human beings are incapable of learning. No matter h ow flamboyant and obvious the lessons of History people will repeat the same mistakes for ever. And always with the same righteous fervor displayed by your “conservative” and “Godly” commenters here.
    Bin Laden hated on a bunch of people he never met, I guess the only logical response to Bin Laden’s hate is to hate on anyone who looks anything like he did. If you can’t get at bin Laden to hold him accountable for his actions, at least you can punish some people who look like him.

    Therefore if you see a guy who looks just like your miserable cheatin’ ex-husband, it will be perfectly logical to go up and hit that guy with a frying pan. They must be exactly alike, so no problem, he’ll deserve it. Tell the cops it was a matter of “self-defense”.

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