In search of the truth…

Dont look to Mark Belling. Milwaukee hate radio host Mark Belling, took a non-topic and went on a rant yesterday:

“I’m going to make an accusation here, and I am very confident that I am correct in my accusation,” Belling said in the first hour of his Sept. 28, 2010 program. “That ad is a fake. That ad is a fake. Feingold is not standing in front of his house in this new ad. They faked it.”

As for Belling’s accusation, the veteran talk show host tried to turn Feingold’s own ad against him, to suggest he’s so out of touch with state voters that he was even out of state when the ad was filmed. He said he based his assertion on his own review of the photography and on one unnamed source, who had no knowledge of how the shoot was conducted but who thought it looked fishy. As for Belling’s proof, we’ll use his own words to describe it: “I have none.”

In the political season of republicans throwing talking points against the wall to see what sticks, facts be dammed, this could be the dumbest one of all. Had Belling done any research for his show, he would of known that Zach already called npr on this foolishness, and NPR even apologized(although did not give Zach any credit).

It was so bad, Politifact even gave Belling their Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire Award.

Maybe from now on, if Belling wants to be credible, he can start out his research checking, and it will save himself embarrassment later!


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20 thoughts on “In search of the truth…

  1. Of course Belling cannot afford to apologize to his lunatic audience, because they would turn on him. They have no use for honesty or integrity.

        1. …except Obama doesn’t spew hateful talk like the crazy far right folks do.

          I had a two hour talk with a Republican the other day in which he called me naive for not thinking every single Muslim cheered for 9/11, and he couldn’t understand why I thought it was wrong he thought Islam should be outlawed. Earlier in the conversation he said it was wrong that I said most Republicans I know are bigoted (and almost every Republican I personally know is shamelessly bigoted when it comes to both race and religion, and usually sexual orientation too).

          Now that doesn’t mean most Republicans are bigots, just that the ones I know are (and shamelessly so) always saying they this or they that irritated if you point out people are individuals.

          Liberals tend to be more indignant at far-right assaults on simple equality and justice or the constant blame game for minorities or low income people, than being outright hateful.

          What exactly do I need to cover for Obama for anyway? At least he’s getting stuff done and the Democrats haven’t pulled anything as disgusting as the bigoted “Protection” of Marriage Act or other anti-freedom theocratic nonsense.

          If the Republican party was actually more about fiscal responsibility and shunned the nutty “we want to lord over every aspect of your private life” so-called “social conservatives” maybe I’d be more tempted to vote for them.

          Feel free to let me know when Obama starts going after entire groups of people with malicious fury like the hateful fringe of the Republican party would love to do.

          1. Obama said good working class people just cling to their guns and religion. That sounds pretty hateful and bigoted. Besides, even if it’s not he himself doing it, there are plenty of hate talkers on the left. I take it you’ve never listened to a liberal talk radio show?

            Obama is getting stuff done? Yeah, that’s a joke. If by ramping up the debt big time is getting things done. Hand outs, redistributing wealth, forcing us all to buy a private good — yep, that’s not lording over every aspect of our private lives is it?

            Obama IS going after groups of people by redistributing and taking from those who work hard, cap and tax, on and on.

            It’s all a matter of perspective. Take a sec and check out the hateful fringe of the left sometime.

  2. “It was so bad, Politifact even gave Belling their Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire Award.”

    Now you’ve really made me suspicious.

  3. Yeah this site is just loaded with oodles of factual information. Like the Helen Thomas statement you made and failed to fact check.

  4. Helen Thomas was frozen out by George Bush that is a fact, even if i was wrong and she was able to ask 2 questions in 8 years instead of one. She was able to occasionally ask questions of the press secretary but not the president. There is a reason Jeff Gannon was called on every time, they like the softballs and punish the tough questions.

    1. Thanks for the revisionist answer! Kind of like Obama “freezing out” FoxNews?

      Mark Belling had a topic on a radio program where he used the disclaimer “I don’t have any proof, but it looks like…” My response to your post is… so???

      1. Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with saying, “I don’t have any proof…” and then throwing out a wild and baseless accusation.

        1. It’s a talk show topic that made for interesting fodder. Take it with a grain of salt.

        2. Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with saying, “I don’t have any proof…” and then throwing out a wild and baseless accusation.

          I think it’s better to do that then present as truth or fact statements that are 100% opinion, gross hyperbole as your fellow posters routinely do.

          On the occasions that I’ve heard Belling’s show, he’s always struck me as more of an entertainer type who says over the top stuff to get a reaction. Admittedly I’ve listened much, but he’s seemed to not take himself all that seriously & acting like God’s gift or something is part of his shtick. Kind of like Olbermann except for the acting and not taking himself too seriously part. 🙂

  5. Obama has actually appeared on Fox news and given interviews….show me an interview bush did with MSNBC.

    It depends on what kind of show belling wants to have. Does he want to have a complete ideology, fire up the base, the truth be dammed like vicki mckenna then its no problem. If he wants a show where people take him seriously, then it is a problem.

    the worst part here is this story was proven false three days before he brought it up. It shows he does no research for his show.

  6. “It shows he does no research for his show.”

    Actually it means he thinks so little of his audience that he tries to stir them up with things he knows are BS. No one has a lower opinion of their followers than right-wing politicians and media.

    It’s a lame act by Politifact to call this out, because it’s clearly done to cover for their absurd right-wing bias in all of their other evaluations. Same way O’Reilly calls out some GOP wackjob once every six months to show he’s “objective and fair.”

    1. Because you actually listened? He made the disclaimer at the start “I don’t know if it’s true” but put the question out to listeners to see what they thought. It’s like saying “I don’t know if Brett Favre is coming back, but what do you think?”

      Politifact has a right wing bias? How so? Now who is the one making accusations without any evidence to back it up? You and Belling two peas in a pod!

  7. No, it’s like saying, “I have no proof that Sykes wears women’s underwear and hangs out in schoolyards, but a guy told me that he thought it might be true. Let’s talk about that.” At least with the Favre sentence there’s a basis for discussion rather than pure-d fabrication.

    Even Chuckles walked away from this story although, in his usual style, it took him ten minutes to say he didn’t know, all the while repeating the baseless foolishness.

    1. Ok the Sykes example is pretty funny and I could see Belling doing that too! Locke is right in that Belling will throw out a topic and see what he gets for reactions. It’s not always the most serious, but more fun. Unlike the Skyes underwear example you pose, there was visual evidence in the form of the Feingold ad for people to view. I know I looked at the ad a lot more than I would have to see if it looked like green screen, etc.

      I think you all just need to lighten up. It’s not like Belling was making a serious acusation without evidence that challenged someone’s stance or character. The fact of the matter is, even if the ad had been done in front of green screen, my next question would have been, SO WHAT?

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