8 thoughts on “Just sayin’

  1. I know this isn’t the point…but why would it matter if President Obama was Muslim? Maybe one of the rabid christians on here can explain to me why it would matter.

    1. This. Why should it matter? It wouldn’t matter to me whatever religion he had or even if he didn’t have one. He would not try to apply that to all of the US.

      1. T. and Anon. You are totally missing the point. Yes, someone’s religion shouldn’t matter. The cartoon lambastes stupid Americans who have the facts clearly presented to them or can easily verify the facts with a modicum of research. Yet they decide to believe something that isn’t true because they want it to be true.

        1. “Because we are all brothers” lol I thought that was the punch line of your cartoon. Yeah everyone is just sooooo peace loving there aren’t they.

  2. What’s kind of scary is that the shameless bigots that think the President is a Muslim not only think that, but think that’s a problem too.

    I wonder how long it will take until we have an atheist or agnostic President. The intense bigotry against non-Christians or non-religious people in general will make that unlikely for a long time.

    1. Plenty of bigotry against Christians running for office too pal. Look at how the media snickers, belittles, mocks, and puts down beliefs they consider prudish or out of the norm.

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