Russ Decker kicks his own son out of a fundraiser

This is just hilarious….

Senate Majority Leader Russ Decker (D-Weston) raised a few eyebrows when he called for an audit into student governance matters at UW-Stevens Point at the behest of his son, Jeff Decker.

The younger Decker raised issues on the legality of the allocation of student fees.

But Jeff Decker, 31, said this week any inquiries have been insufficient, and said his father and others have failed to follow up.

Decker said his disappointment with his dad’s response did not prevent him from trying to attend a political fundraiser for Senator Decker August 25 at Wausau’s Treu’s Tic Toc. Jeff Decker said his father asked him to leave.

The fact that Russ Decker kicked his own son out of a campaign fundraiser isn’t one bit shocking.


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2 thoughts on “Russ Decker kicks his own son out of a fundraiser

  1. I have no idea who Carrie Lynch is, but I did find that really quite funny. She actually tried to clarify, that Decker’s request of an audit was because some other UWSP students asked for it, and not at the request of his son although he did ask for it too.

    Stretching the truth or spin are one thing – but you gotta question the logic behind making a claim like that that’s just plain laughable.

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