GOP campaign office in Cudahy vandalized

On Saturday, a Republican campaign office in Cudahy was vandalized when an unknown individual punched out a glass window, which is now boarded up. In his statement condemning the vandalism, RPW Chair Reince Priebus, ever the partisan hack, took the opportunity to attack Democrats for the mess he asserts they’ve made in Madison and Washington D.C.

I certainly don’t condone this type of behavior from folks on the left or the right; while there’s absolutely a place in our democracy for passionate and sometimes heated debate, there’s no place for our passionate beliefs and political disagreements to boil over into violence and vandalism.


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4 thoughts on “GOP campaign office in Cudahy vandalized

  1. As a resident of Cudahy this is saddening. There is no room for this kind of activity in our great country.

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