6 thoughts on “King v. Hopper

  1. Nice piece.

    Hopper did not do shite for keeping Merc.

    One thing though: I’m with Jessica; not much to smile about in the Fox Valley with Hopper around.

  2. I have never, in all my years on this planet, ever heard anyone suggest a smile candidate smile more. This would not happen with a male pundit or talking head of any type either.
    Some are by nature more gleeful “look at me” types. Schwarzenegger was smilier than Nixon. But the list of very powerful and yet quite sour-faced and even undeniably ugly male politicians is very very long.
    I have NEVER heard anyone suggest a candidate smile more. One-on-one at a fundraiser or similar I can see that being suggested.
    This is deadly serious, she is smart enough to know that, and she is smart enough to know she is not running for Miss Congeniality. Let’s also think for a moment how those Smiles would play out should she have to cross swords with the Fitzgerald boys and the rest of that nasty bunch.
    Holy crap…smile more. Hey Jess go get a Wonderbra while you’re at it.

  3. DAMN! a MALE CANDIDATE not a smile candidate. Rage bound me fingers. lol but not so tightly that I wasn’t able to type. 😉

  4. Annie I like you and especially like when you comment on my posts, however I am not going to play that game. It has nothing to do with Male v Female.

    I have done some public speaking and also had many trainings on public speaking and everyone says to relax and smile. Its one of the first rules. I understand as well as anyone that this is all serious stuff, I get that. Also, maybe I am not being fair because this is just the highlights and maybe she did in parts that were cut off but as I said before, not everyone votes the issues.

    That ALL being said, i think of all of the races in July/Aug of all of the candidates on both sides(dem/repub, incumbent/challenger) that Jess King is probably the best candidate of them all and would vote for her in a second. wonderbra or not!

    PS: Schwarzenegger was smilier than nixon and a better politician.

  5. She appears at least twice as smart as Randy Hopper, and I bet she could kick his ass too.

    My one small suggestion would be to quit saying ” at the end of the day” so much.

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