The Supreme Court is not a Workplace

A group of community elected officials and leaders recently called on Judge David “don’t make me angry” Prosser to step down while he is being investigated.

“As a member of the highest court in Wisconsin, Justice Prosser sits in a position of high trust,” said Madison City Council member Lisa Subeck, the executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin and one of the organizers of the call. “No individual is above the law, especially an elected official sworn to uphold the very laws he is accused of breaking. As a gesture of respect for the law, Justice Prosser should take a leave from his position while these official investigations unfold.”

Noting statistics about workplace violence against women, Dane County Supervisor Dianne Hesselbein explained that: “Violence against women takes many forms—from domestic violence to sexual assault to workplace violence. All women should have the right to a workplace free of violence and abuse, and no woman should be disempowered by the abusive words or actions of a colleague.”

Her fellow supervisor, Carousel Bayrd, added that, “As elected officials, we are role models trusted by those we represent. Justice Prosser has a responsibility to the citizens of Wisconsin to do the right thing and take a leave from office until an investigation of his actions is complete and to resign immediately if Justice Bradley’s account of the choking incident is confirmed.”

David “the Madison Strangler” Prosser has said, Via republican hack Brian Schimming his (nonpartisan?) spokesman, that rules and laws do not effect him.

The official word from Prosser(via Schimming is: “Since Justice David “Ike Turner” Prosser is just a rubber stamp for the Walker administration, it is not a true WORK place so normal workplace rules do no apply.” He then added “you got a problem with that bitch?”.


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8 thoughts on “The Supreme Court is not a Workplace

  1. Whatever happened to due process? In my opinion, neither should step down while the investigation is on-going. Let’s figure out what really happened before we remove justices.

    Indeed, if we are going to rush to judgment and call for justices to step down, then by the same token since Prosser alleged that Bradley attacked him she should also step down.

  2. I think that they are correct that in any workplace setting Prosser would have had to take a leave of Absence while it was investigated. I dont think Prosser has ever come out and said that Bradly “attacked” him, that was a figment of christian Schneiders imagination.

    1. My due process conerns also applies to litigants before the court. Do you think that they also have to wait for a decision while they wait for the investigation to take its course?

      Most of the decisions this month were were argued over six months ago and drafts of the decisions have already been exchanged. Are you suggesting that every decision Prosser wrote could not be issued , even if there’s no dissent or concurrence?

  3. No i am just saying that in a normal workplace if this had happened he would probably be suspended. I think he should step aside until the investigation is over, paid leave. Then if he is exonerated he goes back on if he isnt then that gets dealt with also.

  4. All kinds of amazing crap happens in “normal workplaces” and often there is not even an investigation.
    Super Id is correct that we ourselves need to respect the legal process – even though those in charge seem not to be. Yes, a lot of decisions are trashed by either side as being wrong and coming from “activist judges” but innocent until proven guilty and all that. This looks kinda like grandstanding on the part of this Subek person.
    What does a “call to step down” amount to anyways. A big pile o’ nuthin’.
    Even the people making that Call don’t think there’s a snowball’s chance in hell. Just looks like a Press Release compulsion to me. People making a name for themselves by taking an easy stand on a go-nowhere proposition. These are like the folks in the audience of a Jerry Springer show, taking sides with one of the combatants and getting into the fight from the stands.

    If Prosser is found guilty via normal legal procedures, this is gonna be one hell of a mess. I repeat – One Hell Of A Mess.
    Nobody wins in situations like this, not Republicans, not Democrats. I’m getting so tired of all the short-term short-sightedness that guides all of our Decision-makers these days I can hardly stand it.

  5. Super Id, Prosser has never alleged that of Justice Bradley, as far as I remember. That allegation is anonymous, isn’t it?

  6. If Judge Smails was not called on the carpet for trying to strangle Al Czervik, then I don’t think Prosser should be suspended. Perhaps we can get a golf match going. . . or Jello wrestling! That would raise the level of dignity on the court above where Prosser has put it.

  7. Rethugs are the kind of people who get caught on camera committing crimes and then barefaced lie and say: “That wasn’t me!”
    Due process is terrific, isn’t it? Too bad Walker and his minions didn’t follow due process when they rammed through illegal legislation, violating the state constitution.
    Pardon my French, but STFU, you defenders of Prosser.

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