Scott Walker’s career in politics….in pictures

To say Republican Gov. Scott Walker is a career politician would be an understatement. In fact, Scott Walker’s career feeding at the taxpayers’ trough got started during his brief (and unsuccessful) undergraduate stint at Marquette University.

During his time at Marquetee, Walker demonstrated a “me-first” attitude and propensity for engaging in improper behavior that led to the Marquette Tribune labeling him “unfit for office,” as the pictures below demonstrate.

Now keep in mind that Scott Walker is the same individual who loves to tout the fact that he was an Eagle Scout, but I’m not sure how cheating to win elections, throwing temper tantrums, and engaging in improper behavior are behaviors consistent with being an Eagle Scout.

Ultimately though, the Marquette Tribune had it right back in 1988. Scott Walker was unfit to hold office on campus back then, and he’s even more unfit to hold the office he currently occupies. I can’t wait to recall him on June 5.


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7 thoughts on “Scott Walker’s career in politics….in pictures

  1. Fascinating there are no wingnut comments. It’s almost like they know this guy is a crook and they don’t care.

  2. If there was only truth to argue with zach w. I have yet to find a realible news source stating any facts about his time at Marquette. I have seen “cheating his way though school,”(which was on a democrat website, the cheating was mudslinging). I have seen “kicked out of school” on a liberal sight, (he left school, wasn’t kicked out). I have seen his GPA listed anywhere from 2.6 to 3.0 all on liberal websights.
    The left is doing their best to spew crap, when you go to sleep on Tuesday night, you will have Gov Walker with you to keep straightening out Wisconsin.

    1. DR, how do you know Scott Walker wasn’t kicked out of Marquette? Do you have a copy of his transcripts so we can verify his grades and the reasons he left school? Why won’t Walker himself release those records? What does he have to hide?

    2. DR, Scott Walker has not denied any of the stuff you deny. Perhaps he’s too busy using public dollars to campaign for himself.

  3. Scott Walker can make my next set of license plates.

    We’ll all find out, probably too late, what a crook he is. That’s what happens when out of state people, that don’t share Wisconsin’s values for clean government, start pulling the puppet strings. All that money he paid out to corporations, when our budget was supposedly in such bad shape, has bought Walker a campaign chance. His years in Milwaukee County government, misappropriating veteran’s benefits, and campaigning on taxpayer’s dollars, will land our governor in jail, however.

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