Astroturf is Still Artificial

The Astroturf Koch Brother’s front group The German American Bund Americans for Prosperity is buying Illinois-ances lunch and dinner to come to Wisconsin to canvass for Governor Job Loss.  Is the native support for Governor Job Loss so low that he has to rely on third parties to bus “supporters” to Wisconsin?  Apparently.

Nobody bought me lunch and dinner to march with 100,000 others in opposition to Act 10 and the other phony fiscal frauds foisted on our fine state by a feckless few.  Why does AFP have to pay their “supporters” to come to Wisconsin?  Maybe because none of them would come except for the free meals?

Perhaps these Illinois-ances should concentrate on the political problems in their own state before coming to Wisconsin to interfere in ours.


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8 thoughts on “Astroturf is Still Artificial

  1. Aha! Now there’s job creation for you. I see how it works. Bring in busloads of radical conservatives from out of state and maybe they’ll buy stuff during their Wisconsin Reforms Bus Tour. Come on all you entrepreneurial cheeseheads, get to Gorney Park and show those Illinois AFPers how much better we can sell Walker! Load up on the Walker bobbleheads and head on down to Gorney Park – 5 bucks a bobblehead! Print out those Saint Walker greeting cards – the one with the praying hands and eyes devoutly gazing toward heaven, and don’t forget to bring an ample supply of Walker prayer cards – the one with Walker in the hair shirt with hands folded in prayer, head devoutly bowed revealing that natural tonsure… This isn’t just a tour, it’s a pilgrimage! Walker isn’t just a governor, he’s an icon! There’s money to be made off these pilgrims!

  2. And combine it with the great letter to the editor in the Beaver Dam Daily Citizen where someone describes how the Walker campaign is paying people $100 to put yard signs on their lawn.

    They literally have to pay people to show their support. All they have are TV ads, talk radio and signs. They have no real grassroots support. And that tells me we’re going to win this thing, because we actually have the people.

    Also shows that the whole “out-of-state agitators bused in” RW whine was nothing more than projection. As usual

  3. Tell the truth Jake, Tell the truth……The homeowner said that somebody came to their door and asked to rent a spot in their yard for the sign and gave them $100. They are not paying people to show their support they are paying people to display their signs on their property, like billboards, they don’t care if they support Walker or not….SHAME SHAME SHAME lefties.

    1. Paying people to put up yard signs whether they support the candidate or not is the very definition of Astroturf… Thanks for making my point, dante.

    2. Dante, with this comment, you now have descended to the seventh level of hellish dumbitude. It’s almost hilarious how you exactly support a point made but claim the opposite conclusion. You’re embarrassing yourself here, again and again, and this comment is one of your most illogical — but keep it up for the laughs for the rest of us.

    3. Dante: “They are not paying people to show their support they are paying people to display their signs on their property, like billboards.”

      (*laughing*) Seriously, Dante? You really are a hyper-partisan idiot.

      What exactly do you think that people driving by think? It’s “support” by implication, fool.

      You’re clearly losing “it”, whatever infinitesimal percentage of “it” you might have EVER previously had. Scared, BOOB-ala?

      Anyway, “THE STUPID, it burrrrrrrrrrns, doesn’t it, Dante?”

      Poor baby.

    4. I also found some voter fraud for you to chew in place of all that mind-numbing wingnut “cud”, Dante:

      Guess who’s committing it, genius. “Union thugs”? (*laughing*) Uh, no.

      You’re just on the wrong side of history, mofo, not to mention, the IQ scale.

      Now go back to that mall cop job of yours, and STFU, Monsieur Le Bullshitaire. The “product” you are peddling here has a distinct stench about it.

      BARRETT 2012 !!! OBAMA 2012 !!!

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