The Rascally GOP Fiscal Conservative…Spendthrifts In Madison

Despite all of their claims to the contrary, the GOP under the dome in Madison can’t wait to waste taxpayer money.

Legal work by an outside firm from the state of MICHIGAN cost the state taxpayers $2.2 million dollars on a $500,000 contract (yeah that’s right) to provide advice on the proposed Ho Chunk casino at the derelict greyhound track in Kenosha.

As for the trains built to bolster the Hiawatha line between Milwaukee and Chicago, not only does the manufacturer get to keep the two train sets, the taxpayers have to pay Talgo an additional $9.7 million. And that doesn’t even count the jobs and repair facilities that we lost.

On top of the $550 million in Medicaid aid that the governor turned down. Or the other train route to Madison and the attendant $800 million.

Fiscal conservatives my foot.


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