So who’s running the Republican Party of Wisconsin, dumb and dumber?

Someone should tell the Republican Party of Wisconsin that just because wannabe journalist Chuck Sykes says it on his radio show doesn’t make it so:

The Wisconsin Republican Party is retracting its blasting of a fundraiser for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi because the event never happened.

The state GOP sent out a press release Wednesday saying Barrett hosted a “super secret” fundraiser with Pelosi on Tuesday night but didn’t want to admit it. Their release showed drawings of Pelosi handing Barrett a bag of money.

The party retracted the statement an hour later after spokesmen for both Barrett and Pelosi said there was no fundraiser.

Republican Party spokesman Andrew Welhouse says he first heard about the fundraiser on Milwaukee talk radio and then later from several sources he declined to name.

Barrett spokesman Phil Walzak says it’s pathetic Republicans are resorting to “clear lies.”

Interestingly enough, while the RPW has since withdrawn its histrionic press release, Chuck Sykes appears to be standing by the story, as he’s still got it posted on his blog.


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4 thoughts on “So who’s running the Republican Party of Wisconsin, dumb and dumber?

  1. Finally: “CORRECTION: Despite the listener’s email, there apparently was no Pelosi-Barrett fund-raiser. We regret the error.”

  2. So who has a screenshot of the original press release? I need to see it. Hilarious. Jefferson and Priebus, a couple of clowns.

  3. Watch GOP strategist Jack Burkman deride the US postal service, Africans and middle class on fox FBN Sept 17th
    Then read rebuttal :

    Thanks for airing the segment with Jack Burkman.  It was extremely entertaining. He clearly has no idea how the Post Office operates.  The  US Postal Service has been self supporting through the sale of postal products and services for 40 years since the postal reorganization act of 1970!  That means that IT RECEIVES NO TAX DOLLARS!!! It is only regulated by the federal government to insure the sanctity of the mail and maintain the private express statutes mandated by congress and is the only quasi government agency that has ever turned a profit.  Furthermore the Postal Service has been unfairly burdened with paying the retiree benefits for those employees who were under the old tax based system know as C.S.R.S. prior to that reorganization.  Savinig the taxpayers an estimated $30 plus billion dollars. In addition the service has also been forced by an act of congress Pre-Pay future retiree benefits 10 years in advance costing roughly $7 billion a year.  No other government branch of service or private corporation is required to do so.  These two FACTS alone could account for all net operating losses past and future. 
           Thanks again for airing the segment. Jack Burkmans racist anti-union, anti middle class tirade is a perfect example of exactly what GOP has been up to all along. The destruction of the middle class through outright lies and misinformation.

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