Tea Party Part 617

While I have been a little dismissive and hard on the “tea parties” on here, I do recognize that there is a trace of grassroots movement to them. I also realize that the right wing has successfully been able to bottle up the anger of the white right and seems to have been able to organize them. Where I have been harder on them was their fringe positions, and misguided anger, and being able to be controlled by being able to be manipulated by a couple billionaires and a cable station. I have to admit though that I was wrong, very wrong. The “tea partiers” are more extreme fringe than I even originally suspected.

There is this story from Delaware, where the tea party star, has the GOP party scared she will knock out incumbent Mike Castle.

Believe it or not, we can trump the lunacy of Christine O’Donnell, with the outright insanity of Sharron Angle!

As if these wackos were not enough there is someone even wackier still…Arthur Robinson! Robinson is running in the 4th Congressional District against one of the better and most progressive members of congress, Peter Defazio. Robinson has not only advocated dumping Nuclear and crude oil waste in to the sea, but he is also well known for homeschooling his children and selling the curriculum. To make ends meet he also sells a book comparing africans to retarded children.

There was a time that people this fringe would run as a third party candidate, get a couple hundred votes and never be heard from again. Now they are stars of the Republican party. What could President Obama possibly of done to make people think that voting for loons like Robinson, Angle, etc… would be a good idea? Its not like he bailed out wall st, started 2 wars, gave billions to big pharma and spied on Americans…..

They all need to take a page out of the Jan Brewer debate book:


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2 thoughts on “Tea Party Part 617

  1. Then there are the thousands of mainstream people like me, who yelled at Bush for the spending and finally did something when Obama went through the fiscal roof. Some of us believe, that as in any movement you’ve got those that go off the deepend…Yes Fringe.

  2. What did you finally do when Obama was elected? The point of this is to show that the right wing fringe is now mainstream and that is scary!

    A followup on brewer…she did so poorly, no more debates.


    The only reason she agreed to a debate in the first place was because it was required for her to get campaign money, and now she says she won’t debate again. In fact, Brewer was never elected. She inherited the job when her predecessor, Janet Napolitano, was named by President Obama to head Homeland Security. She’s never had to run a campaign where she was directly answerable to voters.

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