The UPDATED Blogging Blue 2010 endorsement post

Given that we’re less than a week away from the 2010 partisan primary election, we here at Blogging Blue figure it’s time we make some official endorsements. Some of these endorsements will be made as a group (Zach, Paul, Ed, Greg, and Proud Progressive), while others may be made on an individual basis. While we’ll obviously be voting for Democrats in the partisan primary, we here at Blogging Blue did also make one Republican recommendation, just to keep things interesting.

The Democratic Races:

  • Tom Barrett, Wisconsin Governor: Though I really like Tim John (especially his YouTube channel), Tom Barrett has proven himself to be an effective leader as Mayor of Milwaukee, and he certainly deserves a promotion to the governor’s mansion. Tom Barrett gets a unanimous endorsement from Blogging Blue.

  • Russ Feingold, U.S. Senate: I think it should go without saying that we’re wholeheartedly endorsing Sen. Russ Feingold for reelection to the United States Senate.

  • Henry Sanders, Jr., Lt. Governor: While there’s a lot of good candidates to choose from in this race, both Ed and I are endorsing Madison-area small businessman Henry Sanders, Jr. Sanders has made job creation the main focus of his campaign, and given his blend of public and private sector experience, we think he’d be a great choice as our state’s next Lt. Governor.

  • Tom Nelson, Lieutenant Governor: While Ed and I stand behind Henry Sanders, Jr., Proud Progressive endorses Rep. Tom Nelson for Lt. Governor. According to Proud Progressive, Nelson is a tremendous and tireless campaigner, and he has proven that he stands up for the working people of Wisconsin and can win an election in a purple district.

  • Scott Hassett, Wisconsin Attorney General: Considering Scott Hassett’s the only Democrat in this race, this was a no-brainer. Hassett is the unanimous choice of all us here at Blogging Blue, and here’s to hoping he can beat J.B. Van Hollen in November.

  • Paul Morel, 4th Congressional District: Ed’s on his own with this endorsement. While I’ve generally been supportive of Morel’s candidacy and had considered endorsing Morel, I’m torn, and therefore there won’t be any endorsement from me in this race.

  • Chris Larson, 7th Senate District: Though I think Sen. Jeff Plale’s a nice guy outside of politics, in this race my endorsement – and those of Ed, Greg, and Proud Progressive – go to Milwaukee County Supervisor Chris Larson. Larson is a strong progressive voice who will be more representative of the citizens of the 7th Senate District than Plale, whose close ties to the cable TV, energy, and telecommunications industries have shown where his priorities lie.

  • Tom Michalski, 21st Assembly District: It’s no secret I’m no fan of Rep. Mark Honadel (R-South Milwaukee), and Tom Michalski has already demonstrated he won’t be outworked in this election. It’s that kind of work ethic that would serve the citizens of the 21st Assembly District well, and that’s why I’m endorsing Tom Michalski for the State Assembly.

  • Dan Bohrod, State Treasurer: Ed and I are both endorsing Dan Bohrod in his race against incumbent Democratic State Treasurer Dawn Marie Sass. As I’ve written time and time again, I tend to root for the underdogs in races, and perhaps that’s one reason why I’m endorsing Dan Bohrod, but I also think he’d do a heck of a job in a position that not a lot of voters here in Wisconsin know exists.

  • Dawn Marie Sass, State Treasurer: While Ed and I are endorsing Dan Bohrod, Proud Progressive endorses incumbent Dawn Marie Sass. She works very hard, is not scared to talk to anyone about what she does and has returned an enormous amount of money to the rightful people. She should be rewarded for a job well done.

  • Scott Dettman, 7th Assembly District: Greg, who happens to live in the 7th Assembly District, wholeheartedly endorses Scott Dettman, a progressive candidate running against a far more conservative Democrat. Dettman would be a solid progressive voice in the State Assembly, and so he gets Greg’s endorsement.

  • Chris Moews, Milwaukee County Sheriff: Considering the fact that Chris Moews is the only real Democrat in the Democratic primary for Milwaukee County Sheriff (David Clarke’s not a Democrat, despite what the ballot says), we here at Blogging Blue feel like he’s the obvious choice to receive our endorsement. Having spoken with Chris, I’m convinced he’s got the right ideas on how to restore morale and honor to the ranks of Milwaukee County’s sheriff’s deputies, and he’s the right choice in this race.

  • Dave Mahoney, Dane County Sheriff: He has also done a great job, despite being caught in the middle of many of ICE requirements. He also is not scared to visit numerous talk shows to share his views and allow input from the public.

The Republican Race:

  • Dave Westlake, Republican U.S. Senate: Though I’m obviously not a conservative, I’ve had a number of opportunities to sit and chat with Westlake, and while I may not agree with his political beliefs, I appreciate his willingness to express his unvarnished opinions – and not just to friendly crowd. My endorsement of Westlake may be more of a curse than a blessing (at least for Westlake), but he’s the Republican I’d most like to see pitted against Sen. Feingold in the general election.

Ed. Note: This endorsement list has been updated to reflect the endorsements of Proud Progressive.


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  1. Thanks to Zach and company for the full coverage of this campaign. You didn’t bow to party pressure to exclude candidates, instead keeping a lively discussion of all candidates, even Publicans. Keep fighting for the truth wherever you find it! Cheers to Blogging Blue!

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