The Ron Johnson t-shirt line

A lot has been made about Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ron Johnson’s rather peculiar views on global warming, whether it’s his comments about sunspots or his assertion that Greenland really was green, as well as Johnson’s statement that communist China has the right ideas on business.

So to poke a little fun at Ron Johnson’s multiple gaffes, I’ve come up with a t-shirt line highlighting Ron Johnson’s greatest hits:

6465253-16914637 6462981-16911344 6463385-16911982

(Click on the t-shirts to see more)

I’ll have more shirts in the coming days, and if anyone actually does buy one of these shirts, all proceeds will be donated to charity.


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6 thoughts on “The Ron Johnson t-shirt line

  1. Lulz

    But I’m having some trouble with this “Chairman Johnson” thing. I imagine I’ll elaborate on that in a post when I’m able to get Back In The Saddle Again. Hope life is going well 🙂

    BTW your comment boxes have this annoying Nag re: comments that your CMS deal thinks are “too short”. So I had to pad my remark with personal drivel beyond simply saying “lulz”…

    also- back to the Chairman thing. After seeing the Dem Party website Mao last week, as well as some other PS (PhotoSlaughter) adventures lately, we SERIOUSLY need to have a Blogger’s Photoshop Tutorial Series.
    srsly >_<

    1. You’re not the first person to comment on my comment boxes requiring a message of a certain length, but alas, there’s nothing I can seem to do about it.

      1. I figured that. I just thought I should give you a warning. Since I can’t just say something short in agreement like “omg, so TRUE!!!”
        I’ll have to post reams of free verse, cookie recipes, or perhaps random memories of my High School Cafeteria. Just so you know, it won’t be my fault.

        1. It’ll be just like a senator reading the phone book or his favorite recipes as he filibusters a piece of legislation.

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