Topic of the Week: 1st gubernatorial debate

So the first debate between gubernatorial candidates Tom Barrett and Scott Walker is in the books, and I’d like to hear some thoughts on who you think won the debate.


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6 thoughts on “Topic of the Week: 1st gubernatorial debate

  1. Tom won doing what? By barely answering the questions and like clockwork, attacking Scott each time? It was almost comical. Walker took the high road and also came across as way more likable. Tom was shaking because he obviously was out of his element acting like that. That is not who he is!

    1. Tom needs to tell people what he intends to do in addition to letting people know that Walker is making promises that he cannot possibly keep. Focusing on Walker is a losing proposition. Ignoring him is just as bad.

  2. I had lunch with a lifelong Republican on Saturday. He was embarrassed by County Exec Walker’s performance and felt Mayor Barrett was clearly the winner. At this point he felt although he couldn’t vote for the Mayor, he couldn’t vote for Mr. Walker either.

  3. Walker actually talked about what he was going to do. Barrett spoke in broader generalities and taking pot shots at Walker. Who cares what happened in 2006?

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