8 thoughts on “LISTEN: DPW Chair candidate Martha Laning appears on Sly’s Office

  1. I listened to the interview, out of all the candidates running Martha Laning is just not the best one in my perspective. A fresh perspective to the DPW is welcome, but she is so new that I do not think she knows what entirely what needs to be improved. None of the candidates I have found support a DFL style caucus, make the VAN include non-registered eligible voters and the county parties in charge of the VAN.

    Martha Laning I would trust her in a lot of roles in the State Party, but she might be better off and the party running for public office again. Down the road she might be someone that would make a good chair.

    1. I see your point, but an argument could be made that because she’s not “of” the DPW establishment and is a relative newcomer to the political scene, she might bring a fresh perspective that those of the establishment might not have.

  2. I am insulted that any person who missed multiple important elections would even be considered for party chair. She didn’t vote for Louis Butler or JoAnn Kloppenberg. There is no excuse for missing these elections. Period. She is not a real democrat

  3. There is no history of her doing anything to help our party or progressives prior to running and losing her senate campaign by 20 points, and now she wants to be party chair? This isn’t a fresh, new perspective. She has no perspective because she doesn’t understand how the party works or what we actually need to do to rebuild.

  4. When asked about Butler’s race in 2008, she stared talking about why she missed an election in 2010. It was very confusing and she was avoiding the simple question. I’m betting the honest answer was she didn’t care and wasn’t paying attention. She started paying attention when she was recruited to run for Senate. Why such dishonesty? She also didn’t tell the truth about making contributions. Go to wisdc.org, she gave to herself, and then to Bradley. That’s it. She’s a fake.

  5. Actually it is more telling who is really putting the party ahead of their own ambitions when I see Jeff Smith, Stephen Smith and Martha Laning all vow that they will not, under any circumstances, violate the secrecy of the ballots. And Martha Laning has stopped efforts by other county parties to screen their delegates based on who they might vote for – I’ve heard her say that she won’t play those kind of games to win.

    Both Joe Wineke and Jason Rae have refused to sign the pledge to keep ballots secret. That is very telling to me and reeks of intimidation and the same old divisive, every person for themselves style of leadership that Mike Tate ran …. which has nearly run the party completely into the ground. I could give a rat’s ass whether Martha missed a spring vote. Seriously that is the dumbest litmus test for someone who needs to bring a crumbling party together, put together a statewide strategy instead of only focusing on Madison and Milwaukee and still be savvy enough to raise the needed funds to be competitive.

    I really hope Jeff and Stephen can put the future of the DPW ahead of their ambitions and get behind Martha in the end when it is clear they don’t have enough support to win. I would hate to see anyone win the election with a mere 21% of the vote. Seriously, how is it that the DPW does not have instant run off voting for something as critical as electing its chair.

  6. I don’t have any doubt Laning is a competent, capable individual but it is really the height of arrogance for her to reference the Dems misfortunes over the last four years and then proclaim to Sly ” I believe I have the answers”, presumably on how to turn everything around. Why should we trust that Martha Laning has the answers? I don’t think any one individual has the answers to what ails the Dems and it’s yet one more piece of evidence that she’s simply too new to all of this to effectively lead the DPW.

  7. I was surprised to see this woman selected/voted in/ I do think it is most interesting that she was not a member of the Democratic party!! She is very much an unkown. Guess she ran on her Senate run, she is extremely articulate. I hope she does well in binding together the Democratic party.

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