Alberta Darling Isn’t Following The Conversation Either

I am still tracking through the conversation on granting illegal immigrants Wisconsin driver’s licenses. Before 2007, they were able to get licenses. And from the original article that I used around talking points for Rep. John Nygren, we see this one from Senator Alberta Darling:

Sen. Alberta Darling, R-River Hills, the co-chair of the finance committee, said the proposal wouldn’t be fair to Wisconsin taxpayers, adding that there’s a legal process in place for citizenship that everyone needs to follow.

My first quibble is this has little to do with Wisconsin taxpayers and I resent her focus there…this has everything to do with Wisconsin RESIDENTS…both legal and illegal.

The point for granting them is to insure public safety….licensed drivers have passed the driver’s test and therefore are expected to be qualified to drive safely. It also increases the expectations that they are insured drivers. It’s a safety consideration…qualified drivers…insured drivers. That hopefully reduces the possibility of loss and injury due to accidents…and financial loss due to properly insured vehicles. That benefits everyone…not just taxpayers.

Second quibble, this has nothing to do with citizenship…it has to do with residency. The state has absolutely no control over who gets citizenship…that’s a federal function…nor even US residency…whether permanent or seasonal or conditional…again defined and controlled by the federal government. The state can’t even decide who resides in Wisconsin…we all get to move around the country freely. What they do get to do…is make sure those driving motor vehicles in the state are properly trained and tested and licensed.

So please Senator Darling…learn what you control…who’s your constituency…and who you were elected to protect and serve.

[I gotta find my civics draft and finish it]


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