Rule of Thumb

This should be a given, but here goes.

Rule of Thumb – Staff from really bad politicians make really bad politicians!

While there are too many examples to name (Robin Vos and Cottage Grove’s own ex-appointed president being a couple. Sun Prairie is also finding that out with Mayor John Murray who was formerly paul ryan (R-Wall St.)\'s chief of staff.

First of all the city government forced out former district administrator Pat Cannon. While as city administrator, cannon oversaw unprecedented growth, it appears that his big sin was not not buying into a Wal-mart expansion – no questions asked. As the far right is want to do, they pushed this wal-mart onto the citizens of sun prairie with no questions asked and no citizen input wanted.

Sun Prairie Mayor John Murray expressed his support for the project.

“The new Walmart will not only provide 100 new permanent jobs, but it also will help us increase our tax base and ensure that critical services like police, fire and EMS keep pace with the needs of our city.”

Sun Prairie City Council President, Zach Weber, representing District 3, announced a Sept. 7, 2011 neighborhood meeting at 6:30 p.m. at the Sun Prairie Public Library, 1350 Linnerud Drive.

“I hope our citizens will come out for the informational meeting and talk with Walmart representatives about details on this exciting new project,” said Weber. “The new store represents an opportunity to significantly improve an existing building site and also remove an eyesore. It also incorporates many design elements that I think people are going to like.”

Of course being a protege of paul ryan, the big picture or real life economics means nothing to him. While I am sure that Mayor Murray had no interest in actual studies, there are plenty. Plenty of other people have. The company that has a long history of treating women as second class citizens and sending hundreds of thousands of jobs overseas, sends local purchasing dollars out of state and will put many more “full-time” employees on Wisconsin Badgercare(so you and I both get to subsidize the Walton family)

Another typical example is Sun Prairie recently voted to amend the local ordinance to allow concealed carry in city buildings and by city employees after the passage of Wisconsin Act 35(with you guessed it NO public input).

So lets all do a background check at the next election, especially in “NON PARTISAN” elections and remember this rule:

Staff from really bad politicians make REALLY bad politicians!

PS: If you live in Sun Prairie, you should look into joining Sun Prairie Resource Coalition (SPARC), they are doing amazing work in heloing take your government back! Email them at and help grow this great group!

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