Exactly how has Scott Walker created jobs in Milwaukee County?

“Scott Walker best for jobs in race for governor” So reads the headline of the Wisconsin State Journal’s endorsement of Republican Scott Walker in the gubernatorial race.

However, while the folks at the Wisconsin State Journal seem to think Scott Walker’s going to be a heck of a job creator as governor, it’s worth noting the unemployment rate in Milwaukee County when Scott Walker took over as County Executive was 6.5%, while the unemployment rate in Milwaukee County as of July 2010 stood at 9.6%. If Scott Walker’s really going to be such a great job creator as Wisconsin governor, then why is it that he couldn’t create any jobs as Milwaukee County Executive?

Here’s a graph that illustrates Scott Walker’s failure as a job creator in Milwaukee County:


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5 thoughts on “Exactly how has Scott Walker created jobs in Milwaukee County?

  1. Well, he certainly has created jobs for his campaign operatives and political cronies over the years…giving them cushy county jobs for which they often were not qualified. He even sought to give some of them huge raises and undeserved promotions. Other than those political cronies, however, he has not created one single job during his entire 8 years as county executive.

  2. That’s a valid point. Having not filled the county economic development director position, how then did he exactly create jobs. If anything, he made Milwaukee a less attractive place to move a company by allowing county infrastructure to crumble.

  3. Cory- You just accurately described the Walker’s and the GOP’s jobs plan- Cut taxes and sell off services to private industry, who then donate to your campaign and allow you to grow your political outfit.

    Oh, they’re supposed to reinvest the tax cuts in their companies and pay employees? What a quaint concept. Too bad it only exists in econ textbooks and not the real world.

    Seriously, you think we might see a few more jobs in this country if corporations weren’t pouring tens of millions of dollars into bribing politicians this year?

  4. Why should we elect “Job Creators” when technically as the Owners of Everything they are the only ones who CAN hire people, but there’s this nasty fact that they ARE NOT hiring people. They are slowing the recovery of the economy, probably manipulating the job force and overall consumer confidence just like the Wall Street Guys that they are manipulate everything in their power.

    It’s time we stopped letting them pat themselves on the back for “creating”. Creating Jobs is meaningless without a living wage, BENEFITS that mean something and actually FILLING the positions.
    Not just putting more profits in their own pockets as the Exalted Risk Takers.
    In todays’ “Free Market”, onve you have gotten to a certainlevel of success the Risk and competition and “freedom” vanish. Successful operators pull the ladders up behuind them, reducing opportunity for new business.
    Once in the corner office, too many of these people create very very little, if anything. There are some decent business owners out there, but they’re quiet, not self-congratulatory and parasitic. Too busy actually DOING the work that blowhards take the credit for.

    Also, I hope a few more supportive Commenters like Cory L start showing up here – to offset the chorus of Knuckle-draggin’ Neo-Neanderthals who have apparently been assigned to counter every post with condescending and absurd remarks while diligently working towards Creative Destruction of every cultural advancement of the last hundred years and de-evolve the entire planet.
    “Me have Big Club, me take all da shit. hurrr hurrr. And who’s your job creator, bitch ? Say it. Say it again like you mean it. Ugh”

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