Walker believes in Wisconsin, just not in Wisconsin web designers

Scott Walker says he wants voters to “Believe in Wisconsin Again.” However, as Michael Horne of MilwaukeeWorld points out, Walker’s gubernatorial campaign website wasn’t designed by a Wisconsin design firm, leaving me to wonder if Walker “gets it” when it comes to putting Wisconsin first. As Horne notes:

As Walker says on his site, “one thing is clear, Wisconsin just isn’t competitive. Other states are taking our jobs.” Now we know one reason why.

Scott Walker: putting Wisconsin first….except when it comes to little things like his campaign’s website.

And come to think of it, why couldn’t Scott Walker give the job of designing his campaign website to a Wisconsin firm? After all, if he’s willing to outsource the design of his campaign website, what else would he be willing to outsource as governor?


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10 thoughts on “Walker believes in Wisconsin, just not in Wisconsin web designers

  1. Haha, too good to be true. Reminds me of that scene in “the War Room” where they discover Bush Sr. has had his campaign posters printed in Brazil.

    Probably the most likely thing he will be outsourcing will be corrections services. Assuming that he will campaign against Doyle’s proposed reforms of “truth in sentencing,” which has WI imprisoning three times as many people and spending three times as much money as Minnesota (similar population, similar crime rate). We already export prisoners to other states because we don’t have room for them in our jails.

  2. Sconz, I could be wrong, but I believe Gov. Doyle brought back all Wisconsin inmates from other states.

    As to your speculation Walker would outsource corrections services, I’m willing to bet you’re correct. The fact is, our prison system simply cannot handle the number of prisoners we currently have, so absent building more prisons or letting out some non-violent offenders, we’d have to start sending some out of state again.

  3. That’s the best you’ve got against Walker? Perhaps Walker could turn this around and say that he is using an Ohio-based web designer because the web because it is cheaper and he needs all the money his campaign can get to go up against the unions and the democrats.

    I guess this would be a dangerous alternative to a governor that has run up a $7 billion state deficit. Walker has run a budget surplus without raising taxes despite the bar-scene-in-Star-Wars Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors. Is that a bad thing?

  4. Cameron, if Walker has “run a budget surplus” as you claim, then why is he talking about pay freezes for county employees to cover the county’s budget deficit?

    It’s true!

    As for Walker outsourcing his campaign website to another state, it may not be a “big deal,” but it certainly says something about his willingness to promote Wisconsin businesses first and foremost.

  5. You may have misunderstood the article. It said budget “shortfall,” not “deficit.” A shortfall means that the revenue is below the projected revenue. It has nothing to do with a deficit (spending more money than what is gained) aside from the fact that if it gets out of control, it could lead to a deficit.

    That’s why Walker is freezing wages through 2010. Otherwise he would possibly have to raise taxes. Doyle raised taxes and now is proposing furloughs, wage freezes, and job cuts. I’d rather see wage freezes than tax increases (both of which we got under Doyle).

    Again, Walker going with a web designer from Ohio is pretty insignificant when compared to a governor who could not even be bothered to try and keep Thomas Industries in Sheboygan (which employs a lot more full-time workers than a website). I also would rather have seen Walker choose a Wisconsin-based web designer, but he did not.

    Zach, you’re obviously a pretty bright person, but there is no way that some of the liberal arguments can make any sense to someone who reasons rationally.

  6. Matt, unless I’m wrong, there have been budget “shortfalls” almost every year that Scott Walker has been Milwaukee County Executive. That fact flies in the face of your assertion he’s managed the county so well that there have been budget surpluses.

  7. Zach, according to Milwaukee County’s website, the 2007 budget ran a $7.9 million surplus, the 2009 budget marks the 7th straight year where the budget has been submitted without tax increases on the county level, and the county has been contracting out many services to cut prices without compromising services. That’s not so bad, is it?

    What is your source for these alleged “shortfalls?” You still never addressed why the lefties of our state have passed every conceivable tax hike (from cell phones and iTunes to rental cars and hospitals) and have left Wisconsin with a $7 BILLION deficit!

    I cannot see any justification for the hole that the Democrats (and several spineless Republicans) have dug for our state. Wisconsin has become a tax hell and its leadership has spent the economy to the brink of oblivion. No one can justify what they have done.

    1. Cameron, here are a few links I found that discuss Scott Walker’s use of projected land sales and other budgetary gimmicks to “close” budget deficits. Shockingly enough, if those gimmicks don’t work out, the County ends up in a deficit.

      Here’s the first link:

      Only about $226,000 of the $7.2 million in budgeted land sales revenue for this year has materialized, contributing to a projected multimillion-dollar, year-end deficit. The land-sales budgets have been off $1 million or more in four of the last seven years, county figures show.

      Oh, and here’s a link about that surplus Scott Walker claimed as his own in 2007:

      The surplus was due primarily to huge savings in health insurance costs for county employees that offset some deficits in several county departments, Nyklewicz said. Those changes were included in the 2007 county budget, which Walker vetoed in its entirety.

      “He abdicated his responsibility for the budget” at the time, but now takes credit for it, Nyklewicz said.

      County Auditor Jerome Heer agreed that health care changes led to the surplus. A task force that included some top Walker aides called for the health care changes, which have resulted in savings of about $75 million over three years, Heer said.

  8. Doyle creates a $7 Billion deficit, increases consumer gains taxes, as well as various hidden taxes and fees and you’re concerned about Walker using a non-Wisconsin company for his campaign website?

    Is he allowed to purchase anything that wasn’t manufactured or produced in Wisconsin? Are there any Wisconsin shoe-making companies? Should he stick to an all-Wisconsin produce diet?

    1. Alex, the point is that Scott Walker’s campaign theme has to do with him believing in Wisconsin, and I can’t help but wonder why, if he believes in Wisconsin so much, he couldn’t hire a Wisconsin company to design his campaign’s website.

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