Republican lawmaker supports toll roads

The Zoo Interchange, the junction of I-94, I-894 and Highway 45 in Milwaukee County, is the busiest interchange in the state, and it’s also in need of reconstruction. The cost to reconstruct the Zoo Interchange is estimated to be 2.1 to 2.3 billion dollars, and given the current budget problems our state is facing, work on the Zoo Interchange is being delayed.

Despite our state’s budget problems, some lawmakers are calling for work on the Zoo Interchange to start much sooner than the current project start of 2012. Sen. Ted Kanavas wants to see work started as soon as possible, as does State Rep. Jeff Stone of Greendale, who has suggested the possibility of toll roads as a source of transportation revenue in Wisconsin:

“I think you have to say all options are on the table,” Stone said.

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t a toll a kind of tax?

According to my dictionary it is, and so I’m wondering when the same conservatives who are so quick to label liberals as “tax and spend” liberals will throw that label on one of their own.


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2 thoughts on “Republican lawmaker supports toll roads

  1. Well, he’s far from being a liberal, so conservatives seems like an appropriate description of his political ideology. He may not be as far to the right as someone like Scott Newcomer or Mary Lazich, but he’s still a conservative.

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