My Feingold Endorsement LTE

Russ Feingold, up for re-election, has surprisingly been in a tight race for re-election. Everyone knows Senator Feingold as someone who has taken the time to visit all 72 Wisconsin counties every year and has fought hard for the working people of Wisconsin. His opponent, Ron Johnson, on the other hand, has run a TV ad campaign, staying as far away from the citizens of Wisconsin as possible.

Since Mr. Johnson has an aversion to meeting the citizens of Wisconsin, let me help introduce him. Johnson received his call to run for Senate from disgraced political pundit Dick Morris, who put in a call for “any rich guy from Wisconsin”. Johnson then decided to use his in-laws millions and try and buy a Senate seat. His only previous foray into politics was when he testified earlier this year against The Child Victims Bill, which would have made it easier to go after child predators. Since he has declared his intentions to run, and was anointed as the candidate by the Republican party before the primary (his main qualification being his large bank account). We then find out that he is against all Government help (unless it goes to his company), is for having you license your guns, advocates for the “creative destruction” of outsourcing jobs, thinks global climate change is caused by sunspots and said that a debate on the war “It’s just extremely harmful to our nation when it’s all done in public(actual quote).”

Johnson’s latest idea on balancing the budget is so good he is scared to share it with anyone. “There’s billions of dollars . . . that from my standpoint would be available for cutting. But I’m not going to get in the game here and, you know, start naming specific things to be attacked about, quite honestly (also an actual quote).”

This year the choice is clearer than ever, we need to re-elect Russ Feingold, our democracy depends on it!


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4 thoughts on “My Feingold Endorsement LTE

  1. No one is surprised by the fact Feingold is losing by huge numbers. His time in DC has been spent making sure that the far left agenda has been implemented which has caused huge job losses in this state. Higher taxes for everyone in this state and a continued support of a president who struggled as a community organizer and has been a major failure as president. The people of Wisconsin are tired of the southeast corner of the state getting his attention while the remainder of the blue collar working class get the shaft to support the entitlement programs Russ has supported through his time in congress. He has been bad for Wisconsin and bad for America serious change is needed and his removal from DC s one step in the right direction.

    1. Being behind in polls is where he usually is. The moment if truth will be on Nov. 2 when the results ate in. Until then, don’t count on anything.

      1. Pretty much, plus there’s a huge factor that there are lot of new first time voters too – same-day registration that won’t be caught on the polls too. (While not all necessarily left leaning, it’s still a huge thing to consider.)

  2. Would you like to give some examples of what Feingold has done to implement the “far left agenda that has caused huge job losses”?

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