Stop Spewman

Here’s Jack Black as Nathan Spewman, professional mis-informant, poling a little fun at astroturfing as a political movement:


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11 thoughts on “Stop Spewman

  1. Jack Black is a self-indulgent attention-seeking liberal slacker with no credibility, and he is trying to help Barack Hussein Osama bin President strengthen the grip of Socialism on the lily-white throat of Our Great Land.

    Hollywood actors should keep their noses OUT of politics.

    Which is clearly the realm of ONLY Regular Citizens, NOT Lawyers, NOT gays, NOT Liberals, NOT non-Christians, NOT University-educated people, NOT union members, NOT Evolutionists, NOT teachers, NOT Firemen unless-the-911-firemen-who-are-HEEEEEEERos, NOT Hispanics, NOT blacks except-for-that-one-guy-we-put-at-the-front-of-the-Tea-Party-photos, NOT people who think Business should be subject to ANY laws what-so-ever, NOT non-Texans, NOT Jimmy Carter, NOT Muslims, NOT anchor babies, NOT people who listen to public radio, NOT People who like Elmo, NOT Feminists, NOT vegetarians, NOT Global-warming believers, NOT Environmentalists…you know


  2. Not that you would want my opinion, but I’ve always thought your blog had a rather distinctive look that stood out from more cookie cutter styles you see elsewhere. The version that blipped in front of me had the “Great Seal” logo up top and a bright yellow bar across the screen. I thought…don’t do it Zach. I understand the desire to change though…keep it fresh.

  3. Roland, rumor has it you shaved your head, cut a piece of your ear off, and you’re really pissed at the world. Any truth to that rumor?

    1. Actually…the rumor is he is the “active duty cop”…but nice try.

      Heh…wonder if Roland Melnick will scold Dan for going off topic. I *almost* feel like posting the links from all the times Roland Melnick has gone off topic…but it’s really not worth my time.

  4. Oh, he’s one of them guvmint employees/union folks that the high-minded badger bloggers love to rail against. The irony is killing me.

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