Do not go gentle into that good night: Rep. Allen West

Carpet Bagger and Tea Partier Extraordinaire Representative Allen West (R -FLA) was soundly beaten in his race to remain in the US House of Representatives in his newly chosen district…except he isn’t accepting defeat.

Although well outside the margin of error that would suggest a recount was in order, Rep. West is going to demand a recount and possibly pursue his loss in court. How could he have possibly lost? Considering he’s lost nearly every screw he was born with, I can’t imagine how he could have possibly ever been elected in the first place or why anyone would support him for re-election. But, it is after all Florida!

Even though the polls are closed, the ballots are counted, and the margin of victory for Patrick Murphy is outside any legal reason to require a recount, Allen West is demanding a recount.

Specifically, West and his campaign are demanding a recount in St. Lucie County. They’re also claiming that the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections Office was complete chaos last night. Oh and that they’re incompetent. Because, of course they are.

Here’s the rest of the circus that is Rep. West’s campaign.

And if you don’t find that amusing enough, here’s a piece on the heavy emotional toll that Mr. Romney’s loss is taking on the Palm Beach GOP chair Sid Dinerstein!

“Something has happened in the country,” Sid said. “It’s not our country — citizens are now consumers. It’s a big shopping mall, a paradigm change. The game is: ‘How do they get our money?'”

Sid called last night’s election the dead end of “a 95-year path” that began with the Wilson administration and the creation of the progressive income tax and the Federal Reserve. “Tonight was America’s last chance to embrace exceptionalism,” he said. “America had a choice, and we voted to be poor.”

You will never hear surf music again!


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5 thoughts on “Do not go gentle into that good night: Rep. Allen West

  1. Back in the Clinton administration, I recall being astounded when I heard some congressmen declare on the floor of the House that Clinton was not HIS president. Since then, that attitude- which is extremely corrosive in a republic- has spread all through the Republican party. You don’t like the results? then you simply announce that they are unfair, rigged or whatever. This is turn gives them the moral (they think) imperative to do whatever they need to to win. “Whatever it takes “is a dangerous idea in the word of high stake politics.

    As far as Sid’s comment: “The game is: ‘How do they get our money?” I do wonder where all these people were when Bush refused to tell Congress (even in general terms) how much the war in Iraq would cost or how the government planned to pay for Bush tax cuts or the prescription plan. Expenses seemed a very low priority then, for some reason.

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