West Bend Loves Hitler (and his cousin Hilter)

H/T Folkbum for catching this flyer being distributed.

Here is the text:


“Mines for Wisconsin” encourage you to oppose the Scott Walker recall petition by signing “Adolf Hitler, 666 Hell Street (your city)”

WHY? The recall people don’t want thousands of high paying jobs in the mining industry in northern Wisconsin. The president of “MFW” used to work for Kaiser Steel at an open pit mine. The area around the mine was not environmentally affected.

By signing Hilter’s name you are sending a message to the recall people who oppose jobs for Wisconsin residents. Many of these potential jobs would be union positions.

It is not illegal to sign “Adolf Hitler” on a petition. Hitler was willing to destroy Germany in order to get his ideals in place. This is similar to what the recall people are doing in Wisconsin.

We know from past events that many things in West Bend Are worthy of a full face palm and left in wonderment when they will leave the 1950’s behind and join us in the new century. Here are some examples:

1. Example 1

2. Example 2.

3. Example 3

4. Example 4

5. Example 5(with Video)

Not only are these “Christians” advocating breaking the law, they seem to be making up their own version of “Christianity” in West Bend. Whats next snake charming? I don’t know if we need to send in Fox Mulder or sell tickets at the border!


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