Lee Holloway is power trippin’

Milwaukee County Board Chairman Lee Holloway really has some nerve:

With an eye toward the post-election environment, an angry Milwaukee County Board Chairman Lee Holloway warned Tuesday he would fire county staffers who show disrespect to the County Board if he becomes interim county executive.

If County Executive Scott Walker wins the governor’s race, Holloway would fill in as county executive for 30 days after Walker quit his current job. Walker, a Republican, faces Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, a Democrat, in the Nov. 2 election for governor.

Holloway also suggested he might appoint himself interim county executive, which would keep him in the county’s top job another 45 days until a special election could be called to fill the vacancy.

Someone ought to tell Lee Holloway that respect is earned, not demanded, and at the rate he’s going, he’s not likely to earn much respect from county staffers, regardless of whether he has the authority to fire them or not.

In my opinion, Lee Holloway is a Grade-A idiot, plain and simple.


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4 thoughts on “Lee Holloway is power trippin’

    1. I doubt it….though Walker winning the governorship is about the only way Holloway would ever end up as County Executive, because he sure couldn’t win in an election.

  1. I have had limited respect for Supervisor Holloway in the past…but that’s pretty much dried up now. Complete and utter idiocy.

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