Will Tammy Baldwin and Gwen Moore sign on to protect Social Security?

On October 15, Congressmen Raul Grijalva, Jon Conyers, and Dan Maffei (along with a number of their fellow Representatives) sent a letter to President Obama expressing their strong support for Social Security and noting their opposition to any efforts to privatize Social Security, either in whole or in part. The letter goes on to note that it will oppose ant recommendations that may be made by President Obama’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform to cut or diminish Social Security, rightly noting that Social Security is prohibited by law from contributing to the national deficit and will have built up a $4.3 trillion surplus by 2023.

As I perused the list of co-signers to the Grijalva-Conyers-Maffei letter, I couldn’t help but notice that almost all the Democratic members of Wisconsin’s Congressional delegation – including strong progressives like Reps. Tammy Baldwin and Gwen Moore – hadn’t signed on to the letter (as of October 15). It seems more than a little odd to me that two strong progressives like Rep. Baldwin and Rep. Moore haven’t signed on to the Grijalva-Conyers-Maffei letter supporting Social Security, and hopefully I’ll be able to get some answers in the near future on why they haven’t signed on in support.


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2 thoughts on “Will Tammy Baldwin and Gwen Moore sign on to protect Social Security?

  1. So by “protecting” Social Security, what you really want them to do is continue to spend the money and leave us with IOUs.

  2. It’s funny how liberals can’t stop talking about our archiac health care system and how we needed radical change, yet have no problem defending the status quo of the archiac Social Security.

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