Odds and Ends: Places, Faces and Developments in WI

Milwaukee Ranks #2
ranks Milwaukee #2 in the nation as the most relaxed major metro among the top 40 MSA cities.  Minneapolis was ranked #1.  Kudos to Mayor Barrett and a grudging thanks to Walker (if he weren’t so darned reactionary, anti-development and anti-progress he might deserve real thanks!) .

Here’s what they had to say:

“Milwaukee pulls ahead of other large metros in part because of its healthy work-life balance. The city boasts great commute times and short working hours. Just over 96% of its residents take less than an hour to get to work, and the average amount of time spent toiling away is among the lowest in the country, a manageable 38.4 hours per week.”

Notice something here?  Both of these cities are supposedly in tax hell states , yet even Forbes recognizes the value of work life balance.

IMHO  Helping move it to #1 would take investment in regional high speed rail connections to help bring it into the big times.

Madison Mayor Earns Kudos for Re-branding Halloween Party
Business Week
offered a well earned kudos to Mayor Dave Cieslewicz for having “re-branded” Halloween and turning one of “America’s rowdiest parties” into Freakfest, a well controlled, business-friendly sponsored event… They have a nice slide show of costumes at  Freakfest.

Group Health Cooperative of South Central Wisconsin Data Mines to save $481,000

Information Week recognized GHCSCW as a Top 250 innovator for their use of data mining to improve operations.  In the article they discussed how GHCSCW analysis of its membership’s use of health care services  found “98 members visited ER’s more than 6 times a year, with charges of $2.2 million”.  By using Case managers and directing patients to urgent care centers they were able to save $481,000.

Health Care Reform anyone?


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