The 2011 election season has begun

Granted, spring elections typically don’t have the sizzle of fall elections, but this year’s spring election promises to be one worth watching, at least here in Milwaukee County. With the election of County Executive Scott Walker to the governor’s office and Milwaukee County Supervisor Chris Larson’s ascension to the State Senate, their positions will be among those on the ballot this spring, and there’s already a movement afoot to draft State Rep. Jon Richards into the race to succeed Scott Walker as County Executive.

Last week a group called Renew Milwaukee issued a press release calling on Rep. Richards to run for Milwaukee County Executive, calling Richards a “fighter” who will move Milwaukee County forward while restoring accountability and transparency to county government.

In yet more Milwaukee County election news, my good friend Jason Haas has announced his candidacy for the seat on the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors currently held by Chris Larson. Haas said his top priorities if elected would be to keep “parks safe and clean, our transit securely funded, and our families safe.”


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21 thoughts on “The 2011 election season has begun

  1. I have to be honest…I never heard of Jon Richards…so I went to “” to read more about him…and I can’t find any names attached to “”. I know, I know…blogging is an anonymous sport much of the time…but I really hate it when people ask you to join them but won’t tell you who they are…as “” is doing. If you believe in a person so much that you are recruiting them to join the race for CE the least you should be able to do is put a name/names on the blog…otherwise it seems shady…like that Scott Walker blog that disappeared so suddenly. Just saying…

    1. Yeah, I’m a little skeptical of Renew Milwaukee….simply because it’s impossible to know the motives of a group if you don’t know who’s involved.

  2. Wow, that is shady. $5 on this being Jon Ricahrds trying to create a “grassroots movement” to draft him to run for County Exec.

  3. Sorry Anon and John.

    My name is Asher Heimermann and I created the website because for the past few years, I’ve seen Milwaukee County government fail under Scott Walker. Now that Scott has been voted out, we can now take Milwaukee back!

    I started Renew Milwaukee last Wednesday because Milwaukee County can not afford another Scott Walker. Also, my friend Nicholas Reindl is collecting signatures for a petition to Rep. Richards.

      1. No, I live in Sheboygan but I will be moving to Milwaukee next year. Just because I don’t live in Milwaukee doesn’t mean I can’t get involved. I refuse to see Milwaukee County go backwards.

        Nicholas, however, does live in Milwaukee, along with the rest of those who joined Renew Milwaukee.

  4. By all means…get involved. I just find it strange someone out of the county would think he knows what is best for us…or assume we will go backwards. If you haven’t done it yet…put your name on…now that you have taken claim for it.

    BTW…I’m pretty sure we couldn’t do any worse than Scott Walker.

    1. or sometimes you think you are smelling fish simply because…. there is a fish. keep your eyes open and be sure based on your own conclusions I guess is all I can say with certainty

  5. oooooooooooh, hmmm. Asher Heimermann O_o I have not seen that name around for a few years. I wish I could remember what it was..but there is something significant about that name. At the time he claimed to be 13. With a very sophisticated blog, I also had a feeling of something being not “quite right”. and there was something else…
    god I can’t access the old memory bank.
    Well anyways, I can only say, I’m glad I’m not in Milwaukee.I am just not in election mood at the moment, even though “2012” has officially begun.

  6. IIRC, Asher Heimermann was the kid who started the Draft Tom Barrett for Governor blog/website/facebook page (not sure which it was). He was real (I know people on the campaign who had to drive him to the Biden fundraiser because he was too young to drive himself and his parents couldn’t make it). Whether this poster is the same guy or someone else who has assumed his identity, I have no idea.

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