The John Boehner crying montage

Here’s your incoming Speaker of the House of Representatives, in all his blubbering glory:

If Nancy Pelosi or some other liberal elected official cried in public as much as John Boehner, conservatives would undoubtedly have a field day, but curiously I haven’t read anything from the usual suspects about John Boehner’s propensity for crying at the drop of a hat.


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5 thoughts on “The John Boehner crying montage

    1. Actually, back in the day not too long ago, it was very Faux pas for nobody to cry in politics. So when Nancy Pelosi said “there is no crying in politics” she was actually right.

      It’s not at all accepted by traditional political standards. A reason why Joseph McCarthy eventually wasn’t taken seriously was because after the “Have you no sense of decency, sir?” was because it proved how immature he was.

      I really sort of find it unfair that John Boehner gets the views of “HE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO BE A HUMAN BEING!” is unfair since we don’t allow that for liberals. It’s a double standard and a reason why I don’t take him seriously because he cries constantly when faced with a difficult task.

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