Tea Party? Ron Johnson’s never heard of it!

“I sprang from the tea party and have great respect for what it represents,” says Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, who despite his stated “great respect” for the tea party and what it represents couldn’t be bothered to join the U.S. Senate’s Tea Party Caucus.

Ron Johnson wins his U.S. Senate seat thanks in large part to the help of the tea party movement, only to turn around and distance himself from tea party movement…..shocking!

Not surprisingly, some on the right are already peeved with Sen. Johnson.


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24 thoughts on “Tea Party? Ron Johnson’s never heard of it!

    1. I’m betting RoJo made the decision all on his own now that he doesn’t need the tea party to help him win an election.

    1. It wouldn’t have been newsworthy if he had joined, considering how RoJo and the GOP portrayed him as a candidate born of the Tea Party movement. However, it’s newsworthy that after all the support RoJo received from the Tea Party, he chose to stick with the GOP establishment instead of joining the Tea Party caucus.

      1. Since when does news-worthiness play into what gets posted or not posted here? I don’t mean that as a slam, but often posts here I would say is a different take of what is on your mind and the other contributors, not necessarily the hottest thing in the news. Therefore, I could definitely see a post here about Johnson joining the Tea Caucus, if that had been the case.

          1. Right, and my point was that I think you (or another contributor here) would have found Johnson joining the Tea Party caucus as newsworthy.

            If not you, I am sure PP would have found an angle on Johnson teaming up with the “minor” and “nutty” movement orchestrated by those darn Koch brothers.

            1. I’m not sure RoJo joining the Senate Tea Party caucus would have been as notable, since it would have been expected. I think it’s safe to say RoJo’s refusal to join the Tea Party caucus was unexpected, especially considering the support he got from the Tea Party folks in 2010.

            2. I dont think that the “tea party” is minor or nutty. Nor do I think that the “tea party” is “grass roots movement” or ‘independent”. It is very well documented that it was well planned and well executed and well funded movement by the Koch Brothers. ROJO not joining the movement, does not mean that he wont do the Koch Brothers bidding, it just means he has no interest whatsoever in working or associating with the people who make up the tea party on a local level.

              1. And forgot – had he joined – I would have probably written about how surprised I was that a multi millionaire who benefited greatly from public resources and admitted he did not understand the Constitution was actual allowed in the tea party.

                I probably would of ended it with a sentence like

                Next thing you know they will have paul Ryan or Tommy thompson as the speakers at their rallies.

  1. I just hope the true believers in the tea party (i.e. the ones who are anti-Wall Strreet and include military expenses as a place to cut) now see through RoJo, and realize that Feingold was indeed the candidate closer to their own views. I read about RoJo’s brutal radio response yesterday, and it confirms that this guy will do absolutely ZERO for Wisconsin in the one term he will serve.

    Unless RoJo starts by turning down the government pork that’ll pay for the 750 new jobs at Oshkosh Truck. Somehow I’m guessing he won’t talk about it.

    1. I’m betting Ron Johnson will fight any and every effort to cut military spending, whether here in Wisconsin or elsewhere.

    2. I had the same thought during the campaign. If the Tea Party folks had just stopped being angry long enough to look at Senator Feingold’s record they would have seen that he has been at the forefront of curbing wasteful and frivolous government spending. Now we have a Senator who’s whole agenda is based on being angry, but he has no plan on how to channel that anger into a constructive platform. And how is that a Senator who campaigned on a religious zeal for government frugality can have the nerve to tour Afghanistan and Pakistan less than 2 weeks after being sworn in?

      Is he planning on bringing back some jobs?

  2. So RoJo goes to Afghanistan for a weekend to assess the war effort and comes home with the statement, ” And I honestly believe that if we see this thing through, I think we can do it”. That’s it, RoJo? Where have I heard this kind of simplemindedness before?

    Have you seen “Being There” with Peter Sellers? That’s it! RoJo is actually Chauncey Gardner!


    1. You’re right, it’s much better to have folks like Harry Reid to declare that its hopeless and we’ve already lost. There’s a morale boost.

    2. So RoJo goes to Afghanistan for a weekend to assess the war effort and comes home with the statement, ” And I honestly believe that if we see this thing through, I think we can do it”. That’s it, RoJo? Where have I heard this kind of simplemindedness before?

      Um…How about from the current President? Isn’t that the Obama Administration’s policy? Glad he pulled everyone out of Iraq on day one though. And thank heavens he shut down Guantanamo.

  3. Wayne- You’re crediting RoJo with far too much depth. His whole platform was “I don’t like the health care bill”, “I like our troops”, and “Guys in my (inherited) tax bracket shouldn’t pay more taxes.” There really was nothing else there other than that.

    I just hope the ppeople tricked into voting for this goober have enough toughness to regret what they did, and make up for it quickly.

    1. Why would we regret it? To many of us, Johnson will better vote our interests than Feingold ever did.

    1. He was a liberal democrat in office for 18 years, you want me to produce every vote? He suported partial-birth abortion, tax increases, unConstitutional campaign finance reform, and the Obama health care bill. Just to name a few.

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