Justice Prosser’s hometown paper endorses JoAnne Kloppenburg for WI Supreme Court

This is gonna leave a mark…

But here’s something else that might have been missed amid Wisconsin’s recent political ugliness. In 2006, Prosser said that while he was a legislative leader, staffers who worked under his direction did campaign work. He also acknowledged that in his interview with The P-C on March 18.

Here’s a member of the highest court in Wisconsin, whose judges are expected to possess unimpeachable integrity, admitting he condoned illegal activity as an elected official.

Add Prosser’s admission that he condoned illegal campaign activity with his failure to prosecute a child molesting priest as Outagamie County District Attorney and his referring to Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson as a “bitch” and it becomes clear Prosser doesn’t possess the unimpeachable integrity one would expect from a Wisconsin Supreme Court justice.


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2 thoughts on “Justice Prosser’s hometown paper endorses JoAnne Kloppenburg for WI Supreme Court

  1. Funny that the article you link to also says:

    The ad overlooks the lack of evidence Prosser had in the late 1970s, incorrectly suggests Prosser was aware of Feeney’s 30-year pattern of abuse in Wisconsin parishes, and incorrectly suggests that Prosser worked with diocesan leaders to have Feeney moved to another parish.

    Kloppenburg should do the right thing, condemn the ad and the group that produced it, and ask for its removal.

  2. The ad is factually correct.

    I find the fact Prosser said he was going to “destroy” Abrahamson even more disturbing. This man has some serious issues.

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