Endorsements: April 5th General Elections

Wisconsin Supreme Court: Asst Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg
Milwaukee County Executive: Chris Abele
Milwaukee County Supervisor Dist 14: Jason Haas
Milwaukee School Board Citywide: Terry Falk
Milwaukee School Board Dist 1: Mark Sain
Milwaukee School Board Dist 8: Meagan Holman

Most polls will be open on Tuesday April 5th from 7 AM to 8 PM. Check with your local municipality for local hours and the location of your polling place. If you haven’t voted by absentee ballot or in the early voting stage, please get out and vote on Tuesday. You can register at the polls on Tuesday if you aren’t currently a registered voter. You do not need ID in order to vote (but you do need ID to register – see your municipalities rules on what ID is needed). Surprisingly this is a watershed election and it is important that everyone make their voice heard by voting!


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14 thoughts on “Endorsements: April 5th General Elections

  1. Ed, that’s a great list of endorsements, and there’s not an endorsement on that list that I don’t agree with.

  2. LOL…for what it’s worth, I’d rather be seeing my name on that list…but what the heck!

  3. Any Endorsement for Milwaukee County Circuit Court?

    Pedro Colón or Christopher Lipscomb.

  4. Circuit Court? yes, write in Ed Heinzelman…I would like to be one of the ‘haves’.

  5. I guess Million-dollar baby Abele’s lack of a college degree doesn’t bother you? Funny how lack of a college degree was an issue when Walker was county executive.

    1. Sure it bothers me, because it shows a lack of followthrough. However, a lack of a college degree didn’t disqualify Walker from serving as County Executive or Governor, so it shouldn’t disqualify Abele.

  6. I will be voting for Abele because he doesn’t have to rely on outside funding to run his campaigns and won’t be beholden to big campaign donors like Scott Walker is to the Koch brothers and others.

  7. I was disappointed to see a lame typical ad starting out with negative comments and dark colors that of course transitioned to bright happy colors showing Chris Abele with children. THINK OF THOSE CHIIILLDRREEEEN! I hate that in political ads, but I suppose it must work or they wouldn’t do it.

    Still, Chris Abele has my vote. I just hate the average political ad. And hey, at least they weren’t showing children while talking about stripping away the civil rights of others like the Republicans do.

    1. And another thing… I feel dirty for this but I know nothing about the school board for Cudahy… but I recognize names that get paired with the Republican favorites for the court and county executive. I don’t like voting on party lines, but seeing that makes me want to vote against them.

      It really energized me being around more right leaning family members lately. My favorite is how they can rant about “queers on TV” and “those” people taking “our” jobs due to affirmative action and then turn around and say they aren’t bigots because “they recognize there are always some exceptions.” I had a Republican friend online from a different state say it’s not like that with most Republicans, but when I brought up Newt Gingrich he went on an hour long rant about how Islam should be illegal and the country should replace the constitution with the Bible …

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