Sarah Palin gets a warm welcome in Wisconsin

Earlier today former half-term Alaska Governor Sarah Palin attended a “Tea Party” rally at the State Capitol in Madison to support Gov. Scott Walker. Gov. Palin was given a warm welcome by folks who showed up to voice their disapproval of Gov. Walker’s anti-union, anti-middle class agenda, a group of folks that outnumbered Tea Party supporters by at least three to one, from what I’m being told.

Here’s some video of folks voicing their disapproval of Gov. Palin and Gov. Walker:


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52 thoughts on “Sarah Palin gets a warm welcome in Wisconsin

  1. Look at all those thugs, being all, thuggy and all. And their signs. They even use good spelling. Somebody needs to teach them how to protest. It’s just not authentic enough.

  2. At one point conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart took the stage and told the labor supporters to “go to hell.”

    “I’m serious!” he screamed. “Go to hell! You’re trying to divide America!”

    Thank goodness people are speaking up for America and letting unions know they are no longer in control and wil no longer be allowed to destroy America.

    1. Yeah, unions have really destroyed America, what with their fight for the 40 hour work week, a minimum wage, weekends off, etc.

        1. and it’s fight that’s not over…Republican legislators are trying to repeal child labor laws in a number of states.

    2. Exactly WHICH Astroturf organization pays you for posting your nonsense.

      Andrew Breitbart says, “Go to hell”, the bile rising in his throat, accusing the unions of “dividing America”, doing so against the backdrop of the union-supporting/anti-Walker counter-protestors, who were assembled in far greater numbers than those bussed in for the Tea Party rally, peacefully protesting, and your objective “take” on it is to demonize them, and give Breitbart a pass?

      What’s wrong with you?!

      While the Koch brothers and the rest of the wealthy elites in America may agree with you and your misguided wingnut brethren that the “…unions [are destroying] America, rational people don’t agree either with your conclusion in this regard or substitution of demagoguery for rational argument.

      Without just mindlessly reciting talking points, please provide evidence for your unsupported accusations, accusations that the wealthy elite love to hear, and love to hear dupes like you mindlessly, not to mention endlessly, repeat. How are the unions, which have protected the American worker, and helped to create the American middle class, “destroying America”?

      The Koch brothers, Dick Armey, etal, they’re all sitting back and laughing as middle class rubes like you offer your unflinching support for political positions which facilitate their war on the middle class, political positions which are antithetical to your own interests.

      The policies that you advocate ironically serve to “redistribute wealth” in America, from those like yourself to the wealthy elite and corporations. How very “socialist” of you.

    3. @ Notalib

      I voted for George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004, and and continued to support him until very late in his second term.

      Then, having watched him usher in unfunded tax cuts, which not only never lived up to his promise that they would serve to create jobs, but actually resulted in eight consecutive years of job losses, having watched him take us into two unpaid wars under false pretenses, having watched him push the unfunded Medicare Part B through, and having seen him turn a budget surplus into an enormous deficit, I began to realize that the Republican approach to solving our nation’s problems was the wrong one.

      And I began to realize that the redistribution of wealth to the wealthy and away from the middle class was not just a direct result of Republican policies, but the intended result. Given what ultimately/recently happened with the financial markets, I thank God that Bush’s attempt to privatize Social Security failed. That failure notwithstanding, it did serve to evidence in my mind that wealthy were attempting to subvert the middle class.

      Once my “conservative” blinders, which were much like the blinders that you seem to wear presently, had been removed by circumstance, I realized that my mindless embrace of everything “conservative” had been misplaced, and I began to examine everything far more carefully.

      Whatever you hear me “preach” now comes from that perspective, and from a thoughtful analysis of the issues, and of right and wrong.

      Notalib, I pity you and your tunnel-vision. I’ve been where you are. I stayed there until I could no longer stomach it, until logic and reason compelled me to embrace a different outlook.

      Disagree with me if you want on the issues, but don’t call me an ideologue, and certainly not one who follows anyone’s “party line”.

      The wealthy elite of this country have been trying to restrict the expansion of and/or “gut” the middle class in this country for as long as our country’s history is long, and throughout the 20th and 21st Centuries, their Republican shills have been acting at their behest and on their behalf.

      Do you remember the Republican cries of “socialism” and the “destruction of America” in the 1930s and 1940s in connection with Social Security echoed in similar cries with the advent of Medicare? Do you remember Ronald Reagan leading the charge against Medicare, with his battle cry that it would “lead to Armageddon” and the destruction of our way of life”?

      We’re hearing those disingenuous and cynical Republican cries again, and we’re hearing them parroted by unwitting dupes like you, Notalib, all to the great amusement of people like the Koch brothers who want to take us back to an America where the less affluent old were expected to crawl off and die, rather than be provided proper medical care as they grew older, where workers could be worked to death because the law afforded them no protections, and unions do not exist, where woman were considered chattel, subject to the whims of men.

      I do pity you, Notalib. My eyes were opened by reality. If only yours could be, as well.

      Union members aren’t “thugs” as you so consistently refer to them, and unions are not “destroying” America, liberals/progressives/Democrats are not Dumbocrats, President Obama is not “Obummer”. They are simply people possessing a different understanding of the world than yours. Please stop perjoratively generalizing about your political opponents, maybe start dealing with the “nuts and bolts” of the issues for once and maybe try providing some evidence for the opinions you offer.

      In the meantime, I do hope that you wake up from your rightwing partisan stupor, just as I once did back in 2008.

      Good luck with everything.


    4. because Andrew Breitbardt is the model of unity, what with his heavily edited videos and bullshit posts. At leaSt joe the plumber has some street cred compared to Breitbardt. Where was his pimp boyfriend?

    5. notalib:

      We are fighting a class war in America, but the working and middle class didn’t fire the first shot…we are on defense…why do you continue to deny your class? You have absolutely nothing to gain for you nor your family by supporting Gov Walker or Rep Ryan or their cronies. When you come to realize that, I am afraid it will be too late for you.

      1. I do not deny I am middle class. I do know that I am disrespected by the Democrats who see me only as a paycheck, I know I am disrespected by unions who see me only as a spouse for their benefit packages. I am in the majority where we have no representation we are the ones who just pay through the nose and are told to sit down and accept it.I do not vote democrat for a number of reasons unlike most democrats who vote the way they do for a simple reason, they want a government nanny state. Me I want a strong military, but I do not want us to play world police, I want our southern border sealed off completely, but I do support changes to the immigration laws so it is easier for people to get into this country. I want people who get government assistance to be held accountable for that assistance, there are so many who really need help but there are way to many who just abuse the system, I do not want ONE penny going to families who use the entitlement programs as a life choice and you cannot deny there are those who do. I want abortions not as birth control but used to save the life of the mother or in cases of rape or incest. Legalize marijuana tax the living hell out of it.Allow gays to marry, allow gays to adopt. Bring term limits to DC stop these life long politicians. Open the drilling for oil in this country atop depending on outside sources so much.

        I know you believe the DNC is the party of the people I only see them as the party of the privileged. Look at all of the millionaires who speak loud and clear for democrats, they have no understand about the day to day survival of the middle class, they only say we need to pay more taxes, but then they have tax shelters for their millions and millions. The left are always pointing fingers at conservatives as if they are the only party with people who have been successful, you cannot deny that the list of rich is just as long in the DNC.

        Sorry Ed but until a better party comes along that will actually support the real middle class and really listen to us and see us more than just a paycheck, I have limited options as to where my vote will go and the Democratic party unless it changes back to the part it was not the far left nanny state system it has become will never get my vote nor support.

        1. “Look at all of the millionaires who speak loud and clear for democrats Republicans”

          I’ve gone ahead and edited that for you, because it’s not as if millionaires/billionaires aren’t donating to Republicans.

          1. WOW so you edit others post around here, talk about a blog that has no creditability.We all know you people think that only rich people are conservative so I just made the point that there are plenty of Democrats with money just like on the republican side but YOU did not like that and decided to CHANGE my comment, WOW just amazing, what other comments have been changed by you that you disagree with and to say none will be nothing but a lie. What I thought was actually a very good liberal blog has turned out to be no better than a dishonest far left joke. But I guess I should not be surprised that is what we have come to expect from union people dishonesty and moral bankruptcy.

            1. Uh, I edited it in my comment; your original comment is just as you wrote it, if you had bothered to look.

              Get a grip.

              1. So you are saying this is the comment I made in my original post?

                “Look at all of the millionaires who speak loud and clear for Republicans”

                Because I do not see that line in my original post

                “Look at all of the millionaires who speak loud and clear for democrats”

                Looks like it was altered to me

                1. Go read your original comment again, because you’re clearly not getting my point.


                  Get it now, or are you still having a hard time comprehending? Seriously, go read your original post before you fly off the handle, because you look like a Grade-A moron.

                  1. Sorry Zach your own words were “I’ve gone ahead and edited that for you” pretty clear from your statement that YOU edited what I said, whether it was in the original comment or if it was in your comment you clearly state, “I’ve gone ahead and edited that for you” your words not mine.

                    1. Forget it; I’m done trying to explain it to you, since you’re clearly just not comprehending what I’m trying to tell you.

        2. “I know you believe the DNC is the party of the people I only see them as the party of the privileged. Look at all of the millionaires who speak loud and clear for democrats, they have no understand about the day to day survival of the middle class, they only say we need to pay more taxes, but then they have tax shelters for their millions and millions. The left are always pointing fingers at conservatives as if they are the only party with people who have been successful, you cannot deny that the list of rich is just as long in the DNC.”

          Yes, certainly there are plenty of wealthy fat cats in the Democratic Party…as was posted here a while back and published on a number of sites…seven of the richest ten legislators in Washington are Dems. So how does that explain the fact they are trying to provide safety nets for the rest of us? It certainly be best for their own self interest to not do those things.

          As for the taxes and tax shelters you mention, wasn’t it the Dems that wanted to let the Bush tax cuts for those who earned over $250,000 per year to expire? Wasn’t it the Republicans who coerced them into continuing them?

          Although leadership in both parties tend to be ‘privileged’ as you say, I only see one party trying to destroy social services, government services, unions, school systems, etc…and trying to privatize services to the advantage of their cronies…and that ain’t the Democrats.

    6. “I’m serious!” he screamed. “Go to hell! You’re trying to divide America!”

      Funny, he and Palin went to Wisconsin to unite America?

      Go to hell is a real team builder in conservative land.

  3. Anyway, let’s talk numbers.

    The counter-demonstrators outnumbered the teabaggers 3 to 1.

    What does that say about the direction of Wisconsin politics?

    On other fronts, what does the “warm reception” that an intellectual lightweight like Palin (who has a voice and vocal delivery that brings nails on a chalkboard to mind) continues to get in rightwing/Republican/Tea Party circles say about them?

  4. Seriously, Sarah Palin?

    Garbled syntax, weird sing-song delivery, disjointed thoughts, fuzzy focus, inexplicably incomplete world view, an never-ending supply of “dog whistle” buzz words and issues. . .Okay, never mind, I get it. . .It’s the “dog whistle” thing, right? Well, AND maybe those physical “qualities” (old-fashioned gal, marginally attractive, librarianish, stick up the. . .)that appeal to old white guys who never really got the kind of truly and actually sexy women that the rest of us were able to get, huh?

    All right, I think I understand now. . .BUT please feel free to offer your “insights” in this regard if you feel the need. . .

  5. in 2006, 17 of the top 25 contributors to 527 advocacy groups were funding liberal/Democratic causes, including liberal billionaires George Soros, and Peter Lewis.

    In 2004, Democrats made up 15 of the 25 individuals who gave more than $2 million to 527 groups. Of the Senate and House candidates who received “bundled” contributions that year, 9 out of the top 10 in the Senate and 8 out of 10 in the House were Democrats.

    In 2002, those who gave a million dollars or more gave $36 million to the Democrats and only $3 million to Republicans, a 12:1 ratio. Those who gave $10,000 or more gave $140 million to the Democrats and just $111 million to Republicans. Of the top 10 individual contributors to candidates that year, only one gave to Republicans.


  6. Again you stated you edited my comment, why did you edit it should you not have just made your own comment without editing mine.

    (Editing of comments done here)

    1. Learn to read.

      I took a line from your comment, inserted into a comment of my own, and edited it there. Your comment stands just as you wrote it, if you had bothered to look and read.

      Sometimes you really are a moron.

  7. Nota, You are turning into a bigger dram queen than breitbardt. keep it up and you can get some paid speaking engagements at the next “tea party”. i hope your comfortable speaking in front of a crowd of 400 or so.

  8. @ Notalib

    “Sometimes it is better to remain silent and be thought the fool, than to [write] and remove all doubt.”

    Zach satirically changed your comment in the context of his own comment. The change was obvious. So was the satire.

    Honestly, this demonstration of stupidity and bullheadedness on your part makes me regret that I ever spent one minute responding to anything that you ever said.

    Look, my misguided wingnut brother, maybe, just maybe, you should consider withdrawing to some wingnut echo chamber where it’s okay to swim in the shallow end of the gene pool.

    Sarah Palin wears stupidity like a badge of honor, but it really doesn’t wear so well on blogs like this one. Neither does yours.

  9. How did Palin and the pro-Walker teahadists fare on Saturday?

    Not so well. . .

    Anyway, my dear, sweet, clueless Notalib, ever the dull-witted and histrionic drama queen (not to mention king of the logical fallacy) grasping at straws in search of something, anything, over which to throw a partisan hissy fit, with 500 teabaggers and 5000 passionate counter-protestors in attendance, and a pathetically weak sound system utilized by Americans For Prosperity, the Koch-funded event sponsors of the event, it is unlikely that the counter-protestors were even aware that the national anthem was being played.

    In any event, you should be ashamed of yourself, questioning the patriotism of fellow Americans like that in order to make a cheap and entirely unjustified political point, particularly one based upon such thin evidence.

    Google the term, “logical fallacies”. You’ve just indulged in one. Let’s see if you can figure out which one it is. (I’m not holding my breath because you proven beyond all doubt that you’re not very bright).

    While you’re at it, maybe try to identify all of the other logical fallacies in which you have indulged on a regular basis here, and which cause everyone here to dismiss everything that you write as specious, and dismiss you as, well, how did Zach put it just above, a moron.

    You know what, Notalib, I’d love to dispense with all of the BS, and just engage in rational and civil discourse with you. But you truly do not seem to be capable of that. I hope that you prove me wrong at some point, but I’m not optimistic.

    Everyone else here seems to understand the concept of constructing a rational argument based upon real evidence.

    You, on the other hand, regrettably express yourself with all of the sophistication, intelligence and insight of a litigant on Judge Judy. I imagine school must have been a very difficult experience for you.

  10. You should really take off your partisan blinders before you watch that video, Notalib.

    Once the counter-protestors realized that the Star Spangled Banner was being sung, they immediately quieted down, something to which the videographer clearly makes reference.

  11. More from the union hatefest last weekend, first the booed the National Anthem and now we have a union degenerate screaming profanities at a 14 year old child, probably a teacher.

    1. How do we know who the guy in the video clip is? He could be a union member. He could be employed by the MacIver ( MACGRUBER!) Institute.

      He could be Notalib, for all we know.

  12. Put it to rest Notalib…if we all start searching youtube and FB, we’ll find plenty of ridiculous video clips of nutcases from both sides of the aisle who did or said things that they shouldn’t have. the key issue here is both sides shared the Capitol grounds…there was no violence and only one nut was cited for disorderly conduct…and neither side is claiming him. So both sides can go home and claim they made their point.

    1. @ Ed

      I watched this second video posted by Notalib. The counter-protestor was definitely out of line, but it’s a logical fallacy to suggest that the conduct of this one individual paints a broad brush stroke across the entire counter-protest. Because he employs them on a pretty regular basis, I recently asked Notalib to study up on logical fallacies so that he could avoid them. Academic that he clearly appears to be, I guess that he hasn’t gotten around to doing THAT research just yet. Probably too busy canvassing YouTube for more meaningless videos like this one. It did give him the chance to try out some new demonizing insults, “union hatefest” and “union degenerate”, though. Jeez, what a tool.

      Anyway, I noticed that he kind of leapfrogged right over all of the analysis above debunking his “counter-protesters jeering at the Star Spangled Banner” BS. Wonder if he’ll ever get around to dealing with it. If history is any kind of indicator, he won’t.

      Hey, do you remember what the Tea Party said in response to claims that the movement was a racist movement every time that a racist sign was photographed at a Tea Party rally, once? “Every group has a few bad apples.” Funny how wingnuts like Notalib can seem to embrace and/or apply the same principle when the shoe is on the other foot, huh?

      1. I have no doubt that some of the protesters were out of line…but I’ve seen plenty of videos of tea party attendees purposely trying to provoke the protesters including using words like c*** for a young woman…so neither side is innocent of having their emotions running high and overstepping normal civility…but the overall picture is everyone got their say.

      2. CORRECTION:

        Just above, I ended my comment with, “Funny how wingnuts like Notalib can seem to embrace and/or apply the same principle when the shoe is on the other foot, huh?”

        Obviously, the last sentence should have read, “Funny how wingnuts like Notalib CAN’T seem to embrace and/or apply the same principle when the shoe is on the other foot, huh?”

  13. I guess that Notalib is just doing his level best to distract attention away from the fact that Palin didn’t actually get such a “warm” reception in Madison.

    It’s not working, little homey. . .

    Anyway, big guy, did you hear that a third recall petition targeting the Republican 8 “has rounded third and is headed home” with 110% of the required signatures? How’s your side doing? Inquiring minds want to know. . .

    1. Only one I care about is the fleebagger Dave Hansen, this union bobblehead needs to be removed for failure to represent the people of his district, for being a coward and for being a usless elected offcial.

      (WARNING: All conservative messages may get edited by administration of this blog in order for the message to fit thier agenda)

      1. Notalib wrote:

        “Only [sic] one I care about is the fleebagger Dave Hansen, [sic]this [sic] union bobblehead needs to be removed for failure to represent the people of his district, for being a coward and for being a usless [sic] elected offcial [sic].”

        My response: If you have a point, Notalib, try making it like an adult, without all of the juvenile insults, huh? You might be taken more seriously, and, you might actually have a real chance of convincing someone that you’re right.

        By the way, the “fleebagger” label is a pretty lame. . .

        “Teabagger”, now that was pretty funny, not to mention descriptive. Proud as could be, teabaggers coined the terms, “teabagging” and “teabagger”, then tried to backtrack from them once progressives advised them, amidst gales of laughter, that the term, in certain circles, referred to a gay sexual act. As you know, the protestations of teabaggers everywhere notwithstanding, the term is still in wide usage, much to the continuing consternation of the teabaggers.

        When you use the term, “fleebagger”, my dear Notalib, you just remind everyone how badly the teabaggers got burned with that self-designation. Since, unlike the term, “teabagger”, the term, “fleebagger”, doesn’t really make any sense, it also serves to convince everyone here that you’re really not very bright, and that you are incapable of making a point that doesn’t pretty much rely exclusively on insults and demonizing those with whom you disagree politically.

  14. Notalib wrote just above:

    “(WARNING: All conservative messages may get edited by [sic] administration of this blog in order for the message to fit thier [sic] agenda)”

    Absolutely untrue, Notalib.

    Zach satirically changed a small part of one of your comments in the context of his own comment when he responded to your comment in order to make a contrary point. He made the change obvious by lining out the word that you had used, and placing a different word right behind the lined out word. It’s a common satirical technique.

    Your original comment remained intact in its original location, as Zach repeatedly tried to advise you above before throwing up his hands in frustration at your failure to understand that he had not edited your actual comment. He quoted from your actual comment within the context of his own comment and changed one word of the quoted segment for the purpose of satirizing it AND you.

    Zach doesn’t edit “conservative” opinions. Why he tolerates your juvenile antics, garbled syntax and reliance on insulting language I will never know, but, to his credit, he lets your opinions speak for themselves. Accordingly, there is great irony, and no small amount of humor, to be found in your issuing multiple warnings to fellow conservative “travellers” of impending peril here.

    The bottom line is this. If you’re too stupid to understand what happened up above or any of Zach’s REPEATED explanations regarding same, or if you feel that you just can’t trust Zach to leave what you write here alone, then maybe this is the wrong place for you.

    Believe it or not, Notalib, progressives care about the integrity of civil discourse. They may attack the positions that you stake out vigorously, even harshly, they may even, on occasion, attack you personally if they think that you are not debating in good faith, but they will not censor you or “edit” you.

    Zach has given you free license to make a fool of yourself here with your “thug” this, “operative” that, Republicans/conservatives – good, Democrats/liberals/progressives – bad, fact-free, insult-laden comments. He and the rest of the progressive commenters here, myself included, have tolerated your juvenile antics and schoolboy immaturity and lack of sophistication. AND then you repay him with this kind of BS.

    Zach finally gave up trying to explain anything to you up above because his clear explanations were just not penetrating your thick skull, and said, “. . .sometimes you really are a moron”.

    He was just being polite, Notalib. In truth, there’s just no “sometimes” about it.

        1. The guy is such a simpleton, ya almost have to feel sorry for him. Clueless to the end.

          School truly must have been an absolutely painful experience for him.

      1. Sorry Zach but we had discussed it and it was over I do not have to explain anything to the other person. Of course I knew my original post was not altered at all, but but even though you did the alteration of my comment in YOUR post it did look like it was I that made the change since you quoted from my original and made the change in that quote.

        It’s water under the bridge now, you made your case, your case was accepted by the other progressives here and that ended that discussion.

        As for what he had to say about it, it does not matter.

          1. Very simple I accepted your explanation regarding why my post was changed. As for that ‘well reasoned’ from that other poster, I don’t care I do not read the majority of his post any longer.

            Hope that clears the muddy waters

            1. “Very simple I accepted your explanation regarding why my post was changed.”

              In plain and simple terms, Notalib, you’re a liar.

            2. “As for that ‘well reasoned’ [sic] from that other poster, I don’t care [sic] I do not read the majority of his post [sic] any longer.”

              You’re also a coward clearly suffering from a massive inferiority complex, which you attempt to mask with a dismissive, “I don’t care” attitude, plainly afraid and/or unable to deal with the pall that people cast over your inarticulate and insult-laden ramblings by exposing them to their standard issue BS meters and some simple common sense analysis.

            3. “Hope that clears the muddy waters [sic]”

              “Muddy waters”? There wasn’t anything to clear up, at least for everyone else here.

              The reality is that you couldn’t grasp a simple fact that everybody else absolutely understood. And you arrogantly clung to your stupidity in the face of countless attempts to explain the situation to you, by Zach initially, and then by me.

              Then you arrogantly and petulantly resurrected that stupidity well after Zach had let things go by WARNING all conservative commenters that they had to fear that Zach would unilaterally edit their comments behind their backs. I responded to that with the comment that you claim that you couldn’t be bothered to read.

              Why would you post such a WARNING at the time that you did if you actually had understood what Zach had done originally, as you are now attempting to allege? The simple answer is that you would not. Your recent “face saving” prevarications about it are as transparent to everyone else here as they could possibly be.

              You are, in plain and simple terms, a pathetic, insecure liar, one apparently unwilling to “man up” and simply admit that you made a mistake, and to apologize.

              You have deep-seeded issues, Notalib, deriving from the fact that you have intellectual limitations and a derivative inferiority complex which you try to mask with obstinance, false wingnut bravado and a regrettable tendency to make your case by demonizing your opponents. You should either accept the fact that you have those limitations and get some help for the resulting inferiority complex, or you should simply seek refuge in wingnut echo chamber where your limitations and issues will probably just make you feel right at home and normal for once.

              Arrogance and stupidity is a dangerous combination, Notalib. I hope that you realize that someday. Unless and until you do, you will leave intelligent and civil people like Zach just shaking their heads. And you will only serve to convince the people that see you conduct yourself as you have here that your opponents have the better argument.

            4. “Hope that clears the muddy waters [sic]”

              Zach didn’t say that your explanation was unclear. He said that it didn’t make any sense.

              Read between the lines, Notalib. Zach might as well have said that your “explanation” was a complete fabrication because that is exactly what it was.

  15. The guy is such a simpleton, ya almost have to feel sorry for him. Clueless to the end.

    School truly must have been an absolutely painful experience for him.

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