Exactly why did Manny Perez resign as DWD Secretary?

Earlier this month Department of Workforce Development (DWD) Secretary Manny Perez resigned from his position abruptly, at the time citing his desire to “explor[e] business opportunities.” In a followup comment, fellow Blogging Blue contributor Jeff Simpson noted he was told Perez was escorted from the building by Capitol Police, and now comes a report from Tony Galli of WKOW’s Inside Scoop blog that Perez may have been the subject of a workplace complaint prior to his resignation:

Interim department of workforce development secretary Scott Baumbach deflected a question on whether his predecessor, Manny Perez, was the subject of a workplace complaint prior to Perez’s abrupt resignation earlier this month.

As I write this I’m attempting to get more information from sources within DWD on the true nature of Perez’s “resignation,” and I’ll have more on this story as it develops.


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1 thought on “Exactly why did Manny Perez resign as DWD Secretary?

  1. Isn’t this a guy who embarrassed Walker? Maybe I’m thinking of someone else, but I thought this was the guy who “made” Walker make that stupid press release he had to retract and it all made Walker look really dumb
    Anyways, Walker and minions would definitely be the types to set a guy up to make sure he leaves and has a shit record too.
    Normally I tend to believe Men Of Power are horny jerks who likely “bother” other employees. But in the dark World Of Walker, I would be really sure that an accusation on a guy who crossed Walker is fact. Or else any bloggers who repeat stories that demolish the guy are just doing Scott’s dirty work
    Not that I care about Perez, anyone who thinks that rising up in FitzWalkerstan is a good idea is beyond my capacity to identify with as a fellow human being.

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