Huckabee doing “ObamaCare” robocalls?

From a reader living in Minnesota comes this bit of information about robocalls from Mike Huckabee encouraging folks to ask their doctors about the impact of “ObamaCare” on their practice:

Though resident in Winona, MN myself, Your Correspondent received but minutes ago a rather curious “robocall” from Mike Huckabee on the ameche, urging seniors and disabled people on Medicare to ask their doctors about the impact of ObamaCare (as in health-care reform) on
their practice–and expecting them to say such is “hurting” them.

The Greater Call here to urge a repeal of ObamaCare if Our Dear Nation is to be saved.

Making matters worse:

*There was no live operator prompt before the call asking permission to play the message beforehand;
*Mr. Huckabee’s voice appears to have been sped up, and deliberately (the better to distract and confuse); and
*There’s no disclosure “up front” as to who’s behind the robocalls in question, as the laws require.

No doubt we can expect conservatives to try to muddy the debate over Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan to end Medicare as we know it (a plan that’s proven to be extremely unpopular nationally) in an attempt confuse voters and distract from the fact that Congressional Republicans voted nearly unanimously to turn Medicare into a coupon system.


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5 thoughts on “Huckabee doing “ObamaCare” robocalls?

  1. I’m pretty sure there isn’t a political hyperbole exception to the “THOU SHALT NOT BEAR FALSE WITNESS” commandment. I mean come on. the way Mike Huckabee characterizes how the healthcare bill was passed is certainly less than honest. Does he have to go to confession for everytime one of these Obamacare robocalls goes through or just the one time for the initial recording?

  2. I’ve gotten three “Huckabee calls” here in Kansas in the past month. This is the first time I listened all the way through. This one asks if I would put my name on a petition to Congress to repeal that “unconstitutional, unrepresentative” Obamacare. (Good, God, how many months was that law debated over, mulled over, chewed over in Congress and everywhere else?)

    If this snake oil person was a breathing live caller I would say, “No, thank you, Mr. Huckabee. as far as I am concerned we need National Health Care for everyone, so I may not be happy with “Obamacare” as you call it but I think it does not go far enough!” I have listened to the beginning three times and I cannot make out what organization is sponsoring this call. The woman’s voice is deliberately lower than Mike’s and it goes by very fast. Yes, I agree. Mike Huckabee, who claims to be a Christian, needs to repent for duplicity and false witness.

  3. I got this call several times on my CELL phone! Huckabee asks me to sign a petition and contribute $100-$250 dollars to the cause. I hit ‘1’ to speak to an operator and promply told the live operator to $%^&*()_)_)(*&^%$##. The operator then said if I gave him my number he would take me off the call list. I said, “you HAVE my number…..YOU JUST CALLED ME!” Then he rhymed off my number to me. Sleazy scumbags!

  4. Just received one of these calls. How do we stop them?! It’s ridiculous. Obama won. The Republicans lost big last week. Can’t they take a hint? The American people have spoken. What right does Huckabee have to invade our privacy and spread this garbage?

  5. People will do anything for money. When “religious” “leaders” stoop to this level they give even politics a bad name. It is sad, and pathetic but typical of what our society has become. Money and power rule. The common person is doomed to working to make the wealthy more wealthy, fighting in foreign lands to add to the coffers of our military/industrial complex so the privileged kids can build their portfolios on the backs of the lesser among them.

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