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I have always been curious how different things work on the inside. Many times when politicians, talk show hosts, etc… start talking about the inner workings of what they do, they usually stop and say thats “inside baseball” and no one is interested. As one who was always interested and one who is fairly new to the blogosphere, I wanted to share some “inside baseball” from the blogosphere.

I do not really scan the right wing blogs too often(I do read fairlyconservative regularly however), as they tend to all say the same thing practically word for word. Yesterday, while checking out this headline from Wigderson caught my eye: \"More talk of violence by the left on twitter\". In it James tries very hard to manufacture fake outrage on a couple anonymous “tweets” tying in the taking of rights away from Wisconsinites while at the same time allowing them practically unlimited rights to carry guns.

Interesting irony to be sure, but since the case James was trying so hard to make was not working, I thought I would comment on his post. Here is approximately what I put up:

It appears in reality that the people who are really violent at the Capitol are the republicans, especially the Senate Majority Leader.

On Feb. 17, the day the Democrats vanished, Sen. Mark Miller’s chief of staff, Jamie Kuhn, contacted police to complain that Fitzgerald went off on her.

“Fitzgerald told Kuhn that she was stupid and Miller was stupid, amongst other mean and hurtful things,” the state Capitol Police report says. “Kuhn was intimidated by Fitzgerald’s aggressive and angry nature during the conversation.”

Kuhn went to Fitzgerald’s office to tell the senator that she couldn’t get hold of Miller after Fitzgerald staffer John Hogan visited Miller’s office to say that “if her boss didn’t get the Democrats back into the state (Fitzgerald) was going to fire all of Miller’s staff,” according to the report.

Kuhn asked the officer to stay near Miller’s office until she left the building to avoid any further disturbances. She also told the officer that “she didn’t want to make a big deal out of this or have Fitzgerald or his staff involved in the report.”

Shortly after I received an email saying that the WLP has site standards and my comment would NOT be allowed. A cordial e-mail exchange followed but my comment was still not allowed. I have also been edited and censored from Fred\'s blog. I should not have been surprised because there have been times(Before I joined BB), I have called hate radio jock Mark Belling, before and not allowed past the call screener. One time specifically while he was “asking” liberals to call and then announcing on air “no liberal had the “guts” to call him.”

So ask yourself next time your reading/listening to our friends on the right, ask yourself how many comments/calls with opposing points of views have they censored? How strong are their beliefs when opposing viewpoints are not allowed? Are their goals a healthy debate or carrying water for the right wing?

In case your wondering here, I (and to the best of my knowledge Zach) have never censored or edited anyone who speaks to the subject even remotely. Here at BloggingBlue, we welcome people from all sides and views to come and join the debate.

I guess that is one of the differences between the left and the right!


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4 thoughts on “Inside Baseball

  1. I concur with the policy of not censoring comments, but admit to frustration at some conservatives who simply make things up. Do they not know that lying is wrong?

  2. the worst part is the make things up and then censor anyone who attempts to point that out. In all fairness though it has made Vicki Pyzinski, belling and Sykes lots of money.

  3. What is fair about making money by cheating people? Seriously, if he said he’s going to take liberal callers, and then doesn’t, that’s cheating. Some would say it is lying. Making money by lying is. . . so Republican.

  4. Thanks for bringing this up. The media blackout on the protests is sickening (unless it matches the “Capitol Chaos on Channel 4” meme, then they’re all over it). It’s clear that Journal Communications has been bought off to go in the tank for WMC/ WisGOP in this, and they reflect it in their “Politicr*p” and their TMJ hatefests. Much like how Limbaugh, Hannity and other talkies are paid millions to lie for right-wing think tanks and other organizations. You know the same works with Sykes, Belling, McKenna and WMC, Scooter Jensen’s voucher group, and other front groups.

    And the problem is that a lot of people rely on this deception to get their “news”. We need to break through the bubble these people live in and expose them to the one-sided lies their media is feeding them (or conveniently not letting them know about- like when WisGOP tries one of their power grabs). Maybe billboards on I-94 around Milwaukee saying “SYKES LIES” is the way to go.

    We have to do our part to grab attention and stop these spinners from taking command of the situation. And while I think dorks cuffing themselves to railings don’t help us much (nice work at the Capitol today, dillweeds), I do think we have to make efforts to get out and do things that grab attention, or else these liars in the media will be willing allies in ramrodding this corrupt administration’s doings right down our throats.

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