Robin Vos & Alberta Darling want fired MPD officers to get paid while appealing terminations

Under a proposal co-written by Republican State Rep. Robin Vos and Republican State Senator Alberta Darling (pictured, right), the co-chairs of the Joint Finance Committee, City of Milwaukee taxpayers would be forced to pay fired Milwaukee Police officers while they appeal their terminations.

In a statement about the proposal written by Rep. Vos and Sen. Darling, Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn made it clear he’s not a fan of the proposal, saying, “All this bill does is allow the unscrupulous officers we fire for untruthfulness to game the system at taxpayer expense.” Flynn added, “It is well known that officers in that position delay justice as long as possible, collecting money for no work.”

Coincidentally, the Milwaukee Police Association, the union representing Milwaukee Police officers, supported primarily Republican candidates in the 2010 election, and it appears that support has paid handsome dividends. In addition to the current proposal to stick Milwaukee’s taxpayers with the bills for fired police officers, police officers were exempted from Gov. Scott Walker’s anti-public employee budget “repair” bill, which eliminated most collective bargaining rights for public employees, and Republicans also put forth a proposal that would eliminate the residency requirement for City of Milwaukee employees.

Considering how Republicans were supposed to be in favor of “local control,” given their rhetoric during the debate over their push to eliminate virtually all collective bargaining rights for public employees, it seems curious to me (not to mention hypocritical) that Robin Vos and Alberta Darling would push a proposal that is essentially a state mandate to a local government, removing that local government’s control over how it handles employees who’ve been terminated.


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5 thoughts on “Robin Vos & Alberta Darling want fired MPD officers to get paid while appealing terminations

  1. I’ll admit, though I agree it does seem a thinly veiled hypocritical pander, on it’s merits I don’t think this is that unreasonable. If there were a provision whereby if their appeal fails, they’d have to pay back any compensation received between termination and the end of the appeals process, I’d even be supportive of it.

  2. so just to be clear, a great worker cant have paid sick leave, despite the fact that the county voted for it, BUT a cop can get fired for cause and then get paid?:

    1. Every worker should have the right to an appeals process to protect against overzealous management and wrongful termination, and in keeping with the “innocent until proven guilty” theory it’s reasonable they should have a right to compensation while the appeal plays out in case they win.

      Every worker also should have the right to paid sick leave so they can raise a family without having to choose between getting caring for illness and getting fired.

      Shouldn’t be an either-or thing. Classic distract and divide tactic that has gone on for too long.

  3. Whether right or wrong, you will please notice that two Wisconsin State Senators who I do not have tha opportunity to vote for, are spending MY money…they seem to be doing a lot of that lately.

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