Scott Walker: pallin’ around with convicted criminals

Remember way, way back in the 2008 presidential campaign when then-Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin said Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama was “pallin’ around with terrorists” because of Obama’s ties to Bill Ayers, a former member of the radical Weathermen?

Well here’s Republican Governor Scott Walker, pallin’ around with convicted domestic violence offender David VanderLeest (pictured, left) and VanderLeest’s convicted felon girlfriend, Kim Seitzer (pictured, right).


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6 thoughts on “Scott Walker: pallin’ around with convicted criminals

  1. You are actually comparing the two? Really? OK, so Walker should be denounced, is that your argument? So should you denoune Obama as well? Or, if it was OK for Obama, it should be OK for Walker.

  2. Mark is right. I stopped caring about who assoicates with who after you told us that Obama’s long-time association with Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers didn’t matter.

  3. Unfortunate conflation of, and reliance on, unreliable premises, thy names are Mark and forgotmyscreenname.

    Look, boys, the Right ridiculously and cynically made mountains out of molehills and/or or fashioned issues in both the case of Ayers and Wright out of whole cloth.

    Zach just couldn’t resist this opportunity to remind you of that. The truly funny thing is that you rose to the bait beautifully, and so aptly put rightwing defensiveness and tunnel-vision on display. Thank you for that, by the way. Wingnuts like you guys keep us endlessly entertained, ya know.

    Now, just drink your Kool-Aid, calm down, go outside and play. It’s a beautiful day.

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