The Liberal Media Fails Again

Certainly they should be excoriating Eric Cantor for leaving the budget talks this week, since he stands to financially benefit if the US defaults.  Heck, it ain’t a liberal media at all.  The conservative media, except for Salon magazine, is covering for Cantor. 

Conflict of Interest, thy name is Eric Cantor.  Biased reporting, thy name is “conservative media.”  There is no liberal media if this story isn’t even being talked about.


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6 thoughts on “The Liberal Media Fails Again

    1. No, I’m betting they think he’s courageous for “taking a stand” against those eeeeeeevil Democrats.

  1. Did you post this blog because you believe that Cantor is doing this for his own personal gain?
    Or did you post this to defame him with innuendo through an implication that he lacks integrity?

    Smear, sneer, and fear appear to be the focus of this blog now. Zach, your blogging team no longer cheers Dems and supports progressive causes but it spends its time defaming Republicans and conservatives.

    Let me know if you go back to the old format. This choir now sings sour notes.

    1. Ditto.

      This thing has been a pretty desolate source for information this past year. I’ve traditionally liked to read BloggingBlue’s stuff and see a different point of view… but all that is here these days is rushed opinions filled with smears, innuendo, and bonk data points.

      Just today Zach posted “Love letters from notalib”, and while I’m not going to endorse anything notalib ever wrote, I think posting a private email on your blog is not exactly… what’s that word… ethical?

      If liberals in this country are serious about starting a dialogue on the issues of the day, the best place to start is here. Get back to the issues.

  2. I would say that Cantor is doing this for his own personal gain. By personal gain, it is not just his monetary gain(which plays a big part in it) but also electoral gain. I truly feel that the worse the economy gets the happier the republicans are because it helps their chances in 2012. I would say Cantor has shown over and over again he lacks integrity, Steven is just the messenger.

    How can you support progressive causes without pointing out such blatant horrendous decisions?

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